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Personal Experiences and Opinions of OpenStreetMapping

Posted by Nick Jardiolin on 29 June 2018 in English (English)

Hi I’m Nick,

So in my first week of openstreet mapping, I was actually interning at an office, and these were part of my daily tasks. Overall, it has been an interesting experience, mapping, correcting and validating things on the HOT Tasking Manager. I was also interested to find out that many people around the world contribute to mapping, in fact in 20 minutes all the tasks that I saw originally, had already been done. I am amazed by the amount of people willing to do this sort of thing. I was even able to go around the University of the Philippines Campus, to check if the mapping had been done accurately, most of it was except for a few things every now and then. In just one week, I saw how this place can help those who suffer from disasters and the like, and it has been a great experience overall, to see people willing to help others. It’s also been fun to be able to work together with my friends to be able to properly map places in the Philippines.

OSM has overall been an interesting experience for me