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Making OSM data mor compact about 3 years ago

The argument about editors making it difficult to select a way when sharing nodes is valid.

However, concerning accuracy: Having landuse and the road share nodes and overlapping is probably even more accurate than any other proposal, looking at the inaccuracy of most civil GPS units and aerial imagery. OSM is not created with highly specialized tools that provide measurement in the dimension of a centimetre, so mappers should find a good trade-off between accuracy and practibility.

I have stopped merging nodes, anyway, because editing ways afterwards really is a mess.

Mapping forest trails about 8 years ago

Yes, I think than LivingWithDragons and robx are right, as in Germany, people are allowed to use any path that is not marked as a private path as a fence. And normally, they are allowed to use this path in any way they like, if there are no signs prohibiting access for horses or bikes.

But I wouldn't mark a small path as a bridleway. Generally, I define this by the width of the path - if 3 persons can walk there next to each other in a comfortable way, it's a bridleway. If not, it's a footway.

GPX Import failure about 8 years ago

OK, I tried with the ACTIVE_LOG now - what I didn't know is that if I stop tracking and restart it, I can later download ACTIVE_LOG0 and ACTIVE_LOG1, giving me exactly what I want.

Thanks for the help guys!

GPX Import failure about 8 years ago

I'm using QLandkarte on Linux. I think the point is that I saved the tracks - but I can't download every track to my computer immediately and would like to have a "clean" active log sometimes ....

Guys, you don't make supporting this project easy ...