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Mini workshop using a TelegramBOT to translate strings for at Chennai 9 months ago

Which created_by=* tag does this bot set on the changesets it uploads?

Streets as Areas 10 months ago

Hi BjornRassmussen,

adding highway=service to an area a secondary roads runs through as you did two days ago is tagging for the renderer and discouraged. In addition, applications which do other things based on OSM data than rendering maps, will treat the outer ring of this polygon as a circular service road along the outer boundary of the road area! Please don't do it. I therefore reverted this change.

If the road is highway=secondary, its area has to have area:highway=secondary. If the roads is highway=tertiary, its area has to have area:highway=tertiary.

Best regards


San Diego County Bus Stops and Bus Routes 10 months ago

Hi mds08011,

thank you for your interest in public transport. But please keep in mind that if you copy bus stops from a third party data source, it is considered as an import. Imports have to be discussed and documented. This might sound like a burden but it ensures that we have the legal permissin to use the data and that your proposed process is well thought out.

As long as you do not copy data directly but just use the GTFS files to plan your mapping and either survey the stops in field or using Mapillary, it is no import.

Best regards


Which editor users are more likely to answer changeset discussions? 10 months ago

Hi RicoElectrico,

did you filter our the comments by woodpeck_repair, Nakaner-repair, SomeoneElse_Revert, Peda_repair and Stereo_repair? Their comments are mainly automatic comments by the revert scripts they use. These scripts automatically comment every reverted changeset. That's why Pascal Neis filters them out at OSM Discussions.

Best regards


Iraq village cleanup about 1 year ago

Øukasz wrote:

Places that do not have specific English names, but can have their Arabic names transcribed into Latin alphabet should use name:en-Latn= tag

I think that if the place does not have an English name in real life (I suspect that most villages all around the world have one), the English name should not be tagged at all. In addition, we should not add names to OSM which can be retrieved automatically by our data consumers using transliteration. There is already a map style which does that: The German OSM Carto map style transliterates names in non-Latin script if there is no name in a Latin script available (style, PostgreSQL extension being used for transliteration, talk about that).

9M buildings in 3D, 🙇 MS about 1 year ago

Chetan_Gowda wrote:

In general, the data is of good quality […]

How did you assess the quality?

Local Chapter Congress Notes from SotM 2016 over 1 year ago

mikelmaron wrote:

Creation of map that has local groups with contact details on it

You can reuse the German Usergroups Bot and its map.

Edits from StreetComplete over 1 year ago

Hi PlaneMad,

German mappers who do a lot of reviewing complain that its changeset always only contain one changed object. See the discussion at Githug and on the German forum.

Best regards


This Is How To Create Your Own Nest In Pokemon GO With A Free Tool Called “Open Street Map” over 1 year ago

Hi -karlos-,

thank you for the link.

You could use the Overpass queries given in my entry in the German OSM Blog to search for recently created/modified parks.

Best regards


Umfrageplattform offline over 1 year ago

Kommentar zu woodpecks letztem Kommentar (1. und 2. Absatz):

Die Wikipedia hat eine Regel, die sich Störe Wikipedia nicht, um etwas zu beweisen nennt und umschreibt die Gründe für die Ungleichbehandlung durch Moderatoren ganz gut.

Updated Contributor Statistics over 1 year ago

@Zverik Vespucci and Pushpin are editors. You can only use them for editing. If you install them, you usually know what OSM is.

OsmAnd hides the editing feature in a plugin which has to be activated.

Improvement of OSM data quality using osmlint and to-fix almost 2 years ago

kariototp wrote:

The community along with the data team at Mapbox has helped cleanup many thousands of issues in the last 2 years.

Well, that's not the truth. A few weeks ago I counted all changeset at the changeset planet dump (2016-08-29) which contain the string "#to-fix". I found 363,799 changesets with this string and calculated the number of changesets with this string for each OSM user.

Only 136 users (8 are sockpuppets used for imports) uploaded these changesets. 356,143 (97.0 %) of these changeset have been uploaded by Mapbox employees. I only checked the 84 accounts which had the most to-fix changesets if they are Mapbox employees. The 52 other accounts only have uploaded 100 changesets in total.

OSM Awards 2016 – Entscheidungshilfe almost 2 years ago

Hallo Meillo,

ich habe es in einem Kommentar zur englischen Version dieses Blogbeitrags gestern geschrieben und schreibe es gerne noch einmal: Es sieht demokratisch aus, ist es aber nicht. Zwar gab es die Vorschlagsphase, aber die endgültige Auswahl oblag einigen Leuten aus dem OSMF-Vorstand (nicht alle Mitglieder) und der SotM Working Group.

Viele Grüße


OSM Awards–Decision Guidance almost 2 years ago

Hi althio,

althio wrote:

Finally: "Why do the awards not have a system with rounds? During the first round, all mappers (people with OSM account) could suggest candidates and the descriptive texts". Either I miss something obvious you are unhappy with... but this is exactly how the whole affair happened. Candidates were freely submitted by anyone with with an OSM account and you could even vote for a first round. As stated in the announcement of OSM Awards you quoted:

Yes, there was a first round but it was not democratic. See following qoute of an email you linked

The voting is preliminary: it will help us to decide which nominees would go into the "short list" to be voted on later.

This means that a board (not the board) of people decided who is eligible in final round. That's what I criticise.

Best regards


Translating places with CityNamer + Bots almost 2 years ago

I agree with BushmanK and want to point out that there is still a map which automatically transcribes non-Latin characters into Latin (and abbreviates common suffixes like "street", "Straße", "улица").

Please discuss your tool with the OpenStreetMap community on the Talk mailing list before your first upload of a changeset using this tool!

Adding house numbers of one town from cadastre to OSM and survey verification almost 2 years ago

MiroJanosik wrote:

it is not good to do paper-walk mapping in cold weather, your fingers freeze off :)

You should buy a hybrid glove. I use them for mapping and professional surveying (as a surveyor).

Reviewing Turn restrictions in Germany using Mapillary almost 2 years ago

U-Turns are forbidden at road crossing Borsigstraße/Heilbronner Str. in Stuttgart if you come from Friedrichswahl because there is a restricted area painted on the street.

That's why u-turns are prohibited here but allowed here (coming from Plieningen doing a u-turn back to Plieningen). There is a no-passing line (road centre marking without gaps) painted after the traffic island at node 1.

Turn restrictions can be implicit in Germany.

Introducing OpenStreetView almost 2 years ago

Does/Will OSV offer a dump of all its photos available for download via HTTP or Torrent (like the OSM planet dump)? Or is it a data grave similar to Mapillary? (I have read at your blogpost that I can remove my data, but I want to get all photos of OSV) :-))

FOSSGIS-Konferenz 2016 about 2 years ago

imagico schrieb:

Dass die Vorträge interessant und ein recht vielfältiger Mix waren dem kann ich zustimmen - wenngleich wie üblich recht wenig zu praktischen Mapping-Themen dabei war.

Aus dem Themenbereich war auch kaum etwas eingereicht worden. Vielleicht einfach das Konferenz-unter-der-Woche-Problem?

imagico schrieb:

Ich denke aber, dass von OSM-Seite das Format durchaus eine Menge Verbesserungspotential hat. Sowohl was dem OSM-Sonntag betrifft (der sowohl von den Räumlichkeiten als auch von der Programmgestaltung meiner Meinung nach nicht ganz ideal war - gab zu wenig Raum für vertiefende Gespräche und Diskussionen) […]

Möchtest du das ein wenig genauer erläutern? Hättest du dir andere Programmpunkte und mehr Raum für Diskussionen gewünscht?

OSM - beschissene Datenqualität about 2 years ago

Hallo R0bst3r,

hast du meinen freundlichen Kommentar in den falschen Hals gekriegt?

Viele Grüße