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2024 OM Guru Fellowship Journey

Posted by Myo Kyaw Kyaw on 10 June 2024 in English.

Hello OSM community,

I’m excited to share my experiences as a participant, validator in the OM Guru Fellowship, 2024. This program has been an incredible journey of learning, growth, and community engagement.

My Journey

Before joining this fellowship program, my experience with OSM was primarily limited to downloading OSM data and using it in GIS software. While I knew that I could edit and contribute to OSM, I lacked the practical knowledge on how to effectively edit and contribute data.

From the moment I joined the OM Guru Fellowship, I knew I was embarking on a unique adventure. The fellowship provided a structured platform for me to enhance my mapping, validating skills, collaborate with fellows and contribute to meaningful projects on HOT Tasking Manager. One of the highlights was working on HOT Tasking Manager Projects, where I learned the HOT Tasking Manager plays a crucial role in leveraging the collective efforts of a global community of volunteers to improve mapping data where it is most needed. It supports humanitarian organizations and local communities in making informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date geographic information.


Throughout the fellowship, I gained a wealth of knowledge. I improved my technical skills in using various OSM tools, learned not only effective mapping techniques but also creating & contributing at HOT Tasking Manager Projects. The mentorship and trainings/ workshops were particularly beneficial, offering insights into best practices and innovative approaches to mapping. I also learned the importance of community collaboration and how collective efforts can lead to significant outcomes.


The OM Guru Fellowship has had a profound impact on me. It has not only enhanced my technical abilities but also deepened my understanding of the global mapping community. My contributions to OSM have become more meaningful and impactful, thanks to the guidance and support from the fellowship. I feel more confident in my ability to tackle complex mapping challenges and contribute to the community’s growth.


As I continue my mapping journey, I am committed to applying the skills and knowledge I’ve gained through the OM Guru Fellowship for my country. I encourage fellow mappers, validators and trainers to engage with such opportunities and contribute to the ever-growing OSM community. Let’s continue to map the world, one step at a time!

Thank you for reading about my journey and this is the first OSM diary of me. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to collaborate on future projects.

Happy mapping!

Location: Phagu, Thanlyin, Yangon South, Yangon, Myanmar