If you’re organizing an OpenStreetMap-related event, consider adding it to the wiki’s global OSM event calendar, which also appears in each issue of weeklyOSM. Even if you don’t expect to attract new attendees via the event calendar, it’s a decent way to raise awareness of your local community within the broader OSM community.

To add an event to the calendar, go to the Main Page and click the little blue ✏️ link at the top of the calendar. Follow the instructions on the edit page and click “Save changes”. Note that editing the calendar requires a free wiki account with a confirmed e-mail address. Otherwise it’d be too easy for spam to get in.

(If you’re organizing a regularly recurring event for a local community, you should also advertise it in the community index that appears after uploading a changeset in iD.)

Same great taste with half the punctuation

The event calendar has been rewritten to make it easier for non-programmers to contribute new events. In the past, adding an event to the wiki’s event calendar meant editing delicate HTML microformats and idiosyncratic templates. But more realistically, it meant copy-pasting an existing event and hoping for the best. Now a single template handles the implementation details for you, so you can focus on the details that matter.


| {{Cal|pizza}} || {{Dm|y=2019|Feb 7}} || <span class="p-name">[// Civic Hack Night & Map Night], [[San José, California|San José]], [[California]], [[United States]]</span> {{SmallFlag|USA}} {{SmallFlag|California}}


| type = pizza
| date = 2019-07-11
| name = Civic Hack Night & Map Night
| url = //
| city = San José
| citylink = San José, California
| region = California
| country = United States

On the surface, it’s just a small change – but hopefully one less thing to stress out about as you organize the event. As a bonus, the calendar takes significantly less time to load compared to the old implementation, which makes a big difference when viewing the Main Page.

Under the hood, getting to this point required writing a new template that retained full compatibility with weeklyOSM’s calendar parser, which had been optimized for the old syntax. It was also an opportunity to eliminate options that unnecessarily complicated the code or editing experience, such as unused support for event coordinates and Dzongkha date formatting. (Also, the German city shields are gone. 😬)

Looking ahead, there are more ideas on the table for making it easier to manage the calendar. Further improvements to the wiki’s page load performance are also in the works.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and reported bugs as the new template was being developed. If you run into any difficulties contributing to the calendar, please provide feedback on the calendar’s talk page.

Location: Longfellow, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, 55406, United States

Comment from pnorman on 1 July 2019 at 19:56

It’s good to see the improvements. The calendar on the wiki is underused by some parts of the community and this should help bring up usage. With the other tools built around its data like WeeklyOSM’s, adding your event to it gets a lot of coverage.

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