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Largest Laptop Repair Company - Instant Support Expert Technicians‎ over 4 years ago

Go away. We don't want your spam here.

NTU Mapping Party over 5 years ago

You should look into using the "Q" shortcut to make the buildings more square.

谷歌翻译: 您应该考虑使用“Q”的快捷方式,使建筑物更方。

secondary_link appears underneath residential ways ?! about 6 years ago

Indeed, it should almost certainly not be secondary_link.

UK map about 6 years ago

"And the map will continue to go from strength to strength?"

Exactly, once the incompatible data is removed we will continue mapping as normal; adding new developments, mapping pubs, adding buildings etc.

UK map about 6 years ago

There are some people who have not agreed to license their work under the new licence that OSM will be using. This means that we cannot legally publish their data. As a result of this, we will have to recreate their work. As of today I believe that we will keep about 99% of the data in the UK but by the time we make the switch, that number will hopefully be smaller.

Even though we will lose some data, it will be replaced in short order.

This does not just affect the UK but rather the whole world. Some countries will be affected more than others.

There is some more information at

How about mapping all buildings in London before the Olympics? about 6 years ago

I think that this is a great goal to aim for. However, I think that the default Mapnik style will have to tome down the building colours a bit so that London doesn't look like one big purpley blob.

Latest Update on sanitising data over 6 years ago

As I understand it, 'sherbourne' will not agree to the CTs. He's a very prolific mapper in Coventry (,wtfe_point_modified,wtfe_line_modified_cp,wtfe_line_modified,wtfe_point_created,wtfe_line_created_cp,wtfe_line_created) so I'm going to have to remap it all myself.

That was Night of the living maps 2012 over 6 years ago

The big drop in the top-left graph ( seems to coincide with the mapping party. Good work!

Rapid adding of building=entrance (and similar) nodes over 6 years ago

Also, (if I remember correctly) that holding shift while in node-adding-mode will allow you to quickly add lots of nodes.

First and last(?) diary entry almost 7 years ago

Thank you for your contributions so far and for allowing them to continue in OSM. Have fun in your future mapping :)

somthing intresting about 7 years ago

It's spelt "You're" since it's the contraction of the two words 'you' and 'are'.

Rostock 1st german city with housenumbers completed about 7 years ago

Great effort. Hopefully we'll start seeing more and more address coverage. However, whoever it was who traced the buildings really needs to learn the orthogonalise tool in JOSM and Potlatch judging by the horribly wonky looking buildings ( Just press Q while an area is selected and it will square off the corners nicely. It even works if you have multiple buildings selected.

shift-drag zooming about 7 years ago

Yeah, and I really miss it whenever I visit any other mapping site.

Thinking of Moving about 7 years ago

This is obviously spam. The user has made no edits to OSM, their 'user description' makes no sense and this blog entry was made only 26 minutes after signing up. Stranger still is that the URL posted in the entry doesn't even point anywhere - AFAICT the domain name isn't even registered.

Get state for coordinate via API of any service? about 7 years ago

MapQuest provide a reverse geocoding service based on OSM data. See

Villages in South Wales about 7 years ago

Indeed. The only exceptions to the no copying rule is maps which have been explicitly allowed by the community. For our purposes this is ONLY the maps that are available by default as backgrounds in the editor (Potlatch2 in this case). For example I see terrencem was tracing from the OS OpenData StreetView map (the one with the yellow building outlines) - this IS allowed.

However, copying from Google, Bing, Mapquest, other OS maps, the A-Z etc. is NOT allowed.

Villages in South Wales about 7 years ago

(Sorry, the link parser included the brackets) The zoomed URL is, of course and the help centre is (also a link in the left-hand nav bar).

Villages in South Wales about 7 years ago

Hi, it's great that you're adding your village to the map. However, looking at your edits, I see that while you've placed the roads in the correct places, they're not all connected together as can bee seen by zooming in (

In OpenStreetMap roads are made out of nodes and ways (ways are the lines that connect nodes together). In order for the map to be useful to applications like routing programs, roads must connect to another road my sharing a node with it. When drawing a road, this can be done by clicking the final node onto an existing road. If a node is shared between two ways then the red box representing the node will have a black box around it - there should be one of these at every road junction.

If you have any questions feel free to post it as a comment on this diary entry or ask at the OSM Help Centre (

The Problem of State Parks over 7 years ago

Looking at there are a few 'state_park's around so it's possible that it's a suitable tag. Perhaps contact some of the people who have been using it to make sure everyone's using it for the same thing in the same way.

Roads and their misalignment over 7 years ago

Be sure to see how it compares with GPS traces. If there are numerous GPS traces in line with either the imagery or the ways then you know which is most likely correct.