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A Proposal to improve the OSMF by Separating Out the Board from Officers over 3 years ago

I should also add that Christian Quest of OSM France has some excellent thoughts on this general issue. He has a past knowledge of international air sports organization (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale and Paragliding World Cup Association) and also national French Free Flight Federation (around 30.000 members) ... all non profit and really low budget orgs.

A Proposal to improve the OSMF by Separating Out the Board from Officers over 3 years ago

Keeping this low key as I have been told off for "giving advice".

You and I basically think alike, though the devil is in the detail. I think we do have to look carefully at each position. I wonder if you think the same or how your thoughts differ? :-

Membership secretary

No reason at all why this should be a board position provided that there is a formal briefing on how to cover the extremely rare situation of potentially turning away someone who wants to join (has happened once to my knowledge).

Treasurer -> Finance officer.

On a day to day basis, definitely. And there is no reason more than one person cannot be involved. There is however the tricky issue of final responsibility, i.e. signing off the accounts for the AGM and the classic situation of the person with bank account access running off to Brazil. OSMF members may still want an elected person maintaining a degree of control.

Another line of attack is to expand the role of our current paid book keeper, for example to produce journals and ledgers in a format that can be published it toto to OSMF board and officers and with some info redacted for public. Wikipedia Sweden have made an excellent job of this and the prime developer, Holger Motzkau, is an OSMF member.

Chairman -> Executive officer (aka General Secretary aka Coordinator)

In theory, there is an Executive Officer and that is my, until Thursday, as Management team chair. I've made a miserable job of this, partly my own making, partly odds stacked against me. But there is no reason not to keep trying. I feel that what we should now do is put our foot in the water uncontroversially by hiring a part-time coordinator who will keep track of a list of tasks, who volunteered to do them, and politely follow-up on a frequent and regular basis ... it was the frequent and regular basis that I found unable to handle as a time-poor volunteer.


The current though not necessarily exclusive role of the Secretary is to round up everyone for board meetings and then impartially take minutes. I do not see that changing so it is not a role to migrate. But any extra tasks could certainly go to an Executive Officer

LWG Chair -> Legal Counsel

Also time to bring in a part time legal counsel in my view. I see running the servers and assisting end-users by giving clarity on whether or not they can use our data as the two primary and unavoidable duties of the OSMF. Simon Poole has most graciously handled a rising stream of license enquiries but we need a more robust solution. There are other challenging and time-swallowing topics to handle too.

Happy birthday Potlatch about 10 years ago

Celebration certainly. An avid JOSM-user, I just realised I haven't actually used it for four months, Potlatch is so easy. Well done and thank you.