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June 08, 2022

Growth, positive change, and innovation are Michael Chavira’s favorite things in life. This systems engineer serves his country in many ways. Chavira’s initiatives could revolutionize the planet in the next decade. Michael Chavira has 15 years of experience in sensor development, systems engineering, enterprise architecture, and data science.

Where did he start work? A major engineering firm? Grad school? False. Chavira always wanted to defend the U.S. and serve his nation. Chavira attended the US Navy’s Officers Candidate School (OCS) in Pensacola, FL, after graduating from the University of Wyoming with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

OCS members are tested physically and academically. Few can complete OCS and join the world’s best military. Chavira joined the Navy as a nuclear officer and then an intelligence officer. He learned leadership and management as a Navy commander. As Managing Partner at Axiologic Solutions, Chavira still bears the Navy’s principles of honor, courage, leadership, and collaboration.

Michael Chavira was a systems engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton before starting Axiologic Solutions. Chavira discovered the necessity of humanizing complex processes here. By not focusing on the end-user, the military’s huge acquisitions and sophisticated systems don’t operate as efficiently as potential. Chavira started thinking about starting a firm and how he would run it differently. Chavira and Stauber discussed starting a company during this time. “We wanted to apply the career lessons we’d learnt to creating an employee-focused firm. Since we met in UVA graduate school, we focused on systems engineering.

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