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using osm on a phone over 5 years ago

Sorry, this is the link:

using osm on a phone over 5 years ago

The list of services is available here:

But Mark is right, you need to go “deep in the Wiki” to find it.

using osm on a phone over 5 years ago

Hello !

I’m using OsmAnd+:

The free version is here:

You can download the maps, so you don’t need the network. In the Plugins menu, you can find options for OSM editing and recording gpx files, so it’s also a very good tracker.

Happy mapping.

OSM & X-Plane over 5 years ago

Hi Michael ! Great post, and these are excellent news for all X-Plane and OpenStreetMap users.

I started mapping because here’s an open license, and because I wanted accurate maps for my area and for my GPS device.

Since a few years, X-Plane & virtual VFR is also a good reason for me to improve the maps. It was first for the roads, power-lines and railways (XPOSM in X-Plane 9). Now it’s also for the forests, the buildings, and other objects (OSM2XP).

I’m mapping in Moselle (France). You can find screenshots here:

JOSM has become my favorite X-Plane scenery editor.

Happy mapping, and happy flying !

Projet X-Plane 10 dans les Ardennes Belges... over 5 years ago

En effet, une fois qu’on a essayé la simulation de vol avec OSM2XP, plus moyen de revenir en arrière tellement c’est mieux.

OpenStreetMap au quotidien over 5 years ago

Très belle carte. Bravo !