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People spamming diaries with irrelevant comments 10 months ago

It seems opening trac ticket has worked in the past for cleaning spam accounts. Perhaps do it again?

Relicenciranje OSMa ==> pad entuzijazma almost 8 years ago

Richard: thanks for warning, I did not mean for it to sound like I could speak for anybody else but myself on my personal page. I was trying to convey that some (currently small, as most don't have any idea at all) subset of contributors are having problems with ODbL move; not that *everyone* involved with legal issues have to feel the same ("my") way. I've reworded that paragraph now to make it clearer what exactly I'm talking about; I hope it no longer feels insulting (again, sorry for that, that was not intention at all. In my defense, English is not my primary language, and sometimes I miss finer nuances and implications of specific wordings)

Valent: ok, radim na tome. Malo je obilnije da bi bilo razumljivije laicima, pa ce trebati koji dan.