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Welcoming new mappers 3 days ago

I did some statistical analysis of this in Belgium a few years ago

Do you still have code for getting activity data from changeset dump and comparing with welcome message data?

Welcoming new mappers 6 days ago

Statistically speaking, there doesn’t seem to be an impact on mapper retention either.

Has anyone actually measured this? I would not be surprised if retention after one year would be 1% vs 1.1% - 10% increase but not noticeable for someone sending welcome messages.

This tool has now wiki page:


OpenStreetMap Contributor LifeSpans - Revisiting and expanding on 2018 research paper 9 days ago

How this would look like if only more productive mappers would be shown?

Excluding people who made less than say 25 edits.

Maybe also excluding accounts which are blocked and/or number of edits is low compared to total block length (number of edits smaller than blocked days * 10). But that is likely not impacting much.

And maybe also plotting blocks would be interesting.

How Many Hours A Day Do You Map? 9 days ago

they commit to regular editing sessions in which they are active for across multiple hours

I would expect StreetComplete mappers to end here often, despite low number of edits and low impact.

For example I likely register as very long mapping session nearly every time I leave home.

(I am also likely ending there due to my habit of making small edits in rotation with other things, despite that this edits are tiny tagfliddling tasks like where I remove descriptive name - equivalent of landuse=garages name=garages)

Solar power mapping in China: a comparison against ML data 14 days ago

Comparison of solar power locations on OSM (blue) and those predicted by Kruitwagen (dark red)

Maybe green for one in both datasets would be nice?

Revising urban blocks in Wrocław - a GIF collection 26 days ago


Canadian coast about 1 month ago

But isn’t that what is already happening with all the other big polygons imported from CanVec, like woodland data?

Forest multipolygon with thousands of elements are also mistake that should be fixed.

Do not map like this (a collection of incorrect mapping practices) about 1 month ago

I would still straighten Derry St because it looks better and it should be that way. Derry St has much higher functional classification and should not be compromised. The angle should be okay still after that.

Oh right, it ended being moved a bit. I straightened it now.

The parcel owner has the rights to say no thru traffic when the road is also owned as private. So no problem doing that.

The problem is whether this restriction is actually applied (some people map nonexisting restrictions and I worried that may happen here)

access=customers should be used. No free parking there (yes you will be towed).


Do not map like this (a collection of incorrect mapping practices) about 1 month ago

I also fixed shape of road on parking, added parking itself (with access=unknown, feel free to detail it if you are familiar with this location), added missing parking aisle.

Do not map like this (a collection of incorrect mapping practices) about 1 month ago

I tried to preserve

  • topology (which is useful as you point out, though rhetoric is a bit extreme)
  • road shape
  • intersection shape

At cost of deviating from strict centerline matching (what is often done, for good reasons)

alt text

PS is access=destination an actual legal restriction there?

Do not map like this (a collection of incorrect mapping practices) about 1 month ago

And in the 10th example your “improvement” is both

  • not really correct
  • ironically likely to produce bad instructions in voice navigation
Do not map like this (a collection of incorrect mapping practices) about 1 month ago

if you don’t have a survey-grade GPS, don’t try to tell me your mapping is accurate

I don’t use survey-grade GPS for mapping and my mapping is accurate.

NGI Zero grant for StreetComplete development about 2 months ago

Note that grant is contructed in following way

  • time based for things like UX testing and research of technology
  • fixed amount for doing things like implementing specific features

That means that if as part of an implementation I will get distracted and start discussion on mailing list or spend time on related mapping - I am not going to be paid more.

In other words I am not getting paid at all for OSM mapping, OSM Wiki editing or tagging mailing list posting.

For example in case of I would receive the same funding if I would ignore poor tag name and implement it with cycle_barrier=squeeze

Satellite Imaging about 2 months ago

Feel free to ask! Do not be afraid about it, it is normal to be a bit confused.

I know a lot and still continue to ask :)

BTW, something from has chance to be better than posting diary entries

Satellite Imaging about 2 months ago

Have you tried switching aerial imagery layer?

In in-browser-editor you can go to background settings (layer icon, looks like a cake, 5th from top, 5th from bottom) has more buildings in Esri layer.

GitHub's backward blocking causes conflict aggravation about 2 months ago

How do you know there are more blocking me than blocking you?

There are many indicators of that, for example one person is blocked so significantly that they are posting complaints about how blocking function works.

Also, many people mentioned how they are blocking your GitHub account or its notifications.

so that makes it morally OK?

Yes, it is 100% moral to use ignore lists.

Please, stop bothering tomhughes.

If you would post things like on my issue trackers I would warn and later block you. Given subsequent offtopic and bothering I am surprised that you are not blocked on that issue tracker.

You are not entitled to forcing notifications on people. And if you want to change how GitHub works - contact GitHub.

[OSMOpinion] STOP discrimination against China and Chinese mappers in OSM community about 2 months ago

That is some seriously bigoted and racist nonsense

I tried to read it now and I admit that I get lost at the wall of text (again). It is likely that the same happened with other people reading it.

In addition you have not quoted part that is actually at least partially matches your description

They get it but are too cowardly or set in their ways to think about certain things so they repress it. You can see that in their faces.

redsteakraw, it is really easy to insult people living under oppressive regime that they do not sacrifice their lives to change it. I am not sure that I would actually be really brave in their place. And some in China tried, sadly for little effect.

And if you meant something else in the last sentence - I would encourage to not insult people based on how they look like.

And if interpretation by Adamant1 was correct - please, see at history where such thinking goes. (spoiler: nothing good, in the worst cases you get piles of skulls).

[OSMOpinion] STOP discrimination against China and Chinese mappers in OSM community about 2 months ago

What about the German government requesting the deletion of paths in a bird sanctuary? To quote Woodpeck from the OSM forum discussion “the office would prefer if we delete the beaches.” In the meantime it’s a pretty balanced discussion about the pros and cons of the various options. There’s no fist waving about the evil “Authoritarian German capitalist government” or whatever from Woodpeck or anyone else. So are you seriously going to tell me there isn’t a double standard when it comes to China

If they would be fine with deletion of paths in a bird sanctuary on request by government - both in China and Germany, then there would not be double standard.

(There is an extra problem of China being more likely to lie, but lets assume that we can verify it)

[OSMOpinion] STOP discrimination against China and Chinese mappers in OSM community 2 months ago

American government requesting paths in national parks be deleted from OSM. Which is just as much restricting freedom of expression as China

eee, no?

USA has its own share of rampant abuse, but far, far below China levels.

[OSMOpinion] STOP discrimination against China and Chinese mappers in OSM community 2 months ago

So dear OSMF - give us a clear mapping scheme

Note that tagging schemes are created and designed by mappers - not by OSMF.

If you want tagging scheme that fits your needs: feel free to design it!

(are you aware of some attempts to handle disputed boundaries?)