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March 05, 2022

In addition to providing life-changing structure, support, and discipline, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy also serves at-risk students from all across the region through its boarding school.

In addition to providing problematic youths and their families with resources, camaraderie, and faith-based counseling, Pastor David Bosley, the ranch’s retired founder, is dedicated to helping them find a fresh start and a new path in their lives. Pastor David Bosley is the ranch’s retired creator.

Over 20 years of experience in counseling and therapeutic healing.

Since its inception, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy and its founder, David Bosley, have worked with at-risk children who have a variety of anger and behavioral issues. They have assisted children and adolescents who are self-destructive or have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or RAD in finding the hope and confidence they need to find a better path.

In an outdoor, ranch-style setting, Master’s Ranch offers a casual but plainly Christian approach to youth counseling. The ranch uses a proven and effective strategy that stimulates sharing and makes positive change far more likely for the youngsters who attend.

by emphasizing the importance of hard effort, you may help your child develop self-confidence.

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy fosters self-esteem and confidence in at-risk children by placing them in a working farm environment where they can learn the value of hard work and personal responsibility while caring for animals such as dogs, pigs, and calves. It is incredibly beneficial to work directly with animals, especially in the areas of anger management and the promotion of healing through emotional attachment. Working with animals directly can be extremely therapeutic.