Using the DOD GS-600 or similar HD blackbox gps cameras for OSM

Posted by Marlow on 15 December 2012 in English (English)

I've been using a Roadhawk in the car for a few years, but the quality of the video wasn't really good enough to use it for documentation with OSM.

In Dec 2011 I then bought a DOD GS-600, which has HD quality video. So this little gadget records in 1080p (or 720p, if you want to save a bit space), in whatever interval you set it (mine is set at 15 minutes) and when the microSD (in my case 32 GB, the maximum) is full, it starts overwriting the oldest files.

It also has a build in gyro and gps.

On top of this, it logs GPStracks in it's own proprietary format, consisting of date, time, latitude, longitude, x, y, z

X, Y, Z and movement data based on the gyro and thus not too interesting.

I used gpsbabels xcsv function to convert the file to gpx tracks.

The style file looks like this:

The command to convert it then is: /usr/bin/gpsbabel -i xcsv, -f "$1" -x transform,trk=wpt -o gpx -F "$1.gpx"

A resulting trace would be: Todays trace

And here is the video from the last leg of that trace: Athlone drive

Signs can be clearly enough identified and used for documentation. A lot of features can be identified. All in all, fairly usable.

The GPS is pretty accurate, as the camera sits in the windscreen at the very top.

Comment from aseerel4c26 on 15 December 2012 at 20:25

Thanks for the interesting report, Marlow!

Comment from dudone on 16 December 2012 at 09:17

Thanks for the article. I was searching the documentation recently for cameras that mappers had used/tested but couldn't find much. It would be good if you could add an entry with your comments as I'm not sure diary entries are searchable. This is certainly a camera for me to look at.


Comment from robert on 16 December 2012 at 21:19

Interesting - considered adding a page on the wiki about this?

Comment from jremillard on 16 December 2012 at 21:43

Hi Marlow,

Thanks for posing this! Can you read the signs with the camera? I could not ready them in the utube video.

Thanks Jason.

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