Research within the HOT & MM community

Posted by Mandarine Coconia on 11 February 2018 in English (English)

I am carrying out my third year undergrad research project on the humanitarian OSM community. If you saw a questionnaire about motivations and contribution frequency, that was probably me!

I am in the process of writing up, but I am happy to share my data - it's all in a numbers/excel document so I can't attach it here but if you're interested I can email it. If you have any questions about my research please ask me - it's still quite vague, but it's basically about contributor motivations and communication between contributors and NGOs. As well as the questionnaire, I conducted some interviews with NGO workers that use OSM data, and I aim to see whether there is some kind of a disconnect between perceived and real effects of the data, as well as whether a potential lack of communication has an effect on mapping frequency (it doesn't seem to).

It's a 10 000 word project so I really don't have scope to include all my data, which is a shame, so if you want to do something with it please do!

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