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Rail Crossing Warnings Are Sought for Mapping Apps

For what it is worth, OsmAnd already includes a rail crossings warning option. I don’t recall if it is on or off by default but it is quite easy to turn on.

First Entry

I have attempted to survey that waterway, but it is on private land, partially hidden behind tall shrubs, and covered in ice/snow. I’m fairly certain that it is not an oxbow (it’s appears to be several feet higher in elevation than the creek) but I couldn’t really tell what it is. Looking again at the Bing imagery, I’d say it’s a pond and the stream it’s on goes under brush a lot.

First Entry

I am not certain about that waterway. I will have to survey it; hopefully I can get to that in the next day or so.

Service integration certainly plays into the popularity of certain services/projects. But as OSM is primarily a map database (as opposed to a mapping service like Google Maps), it seems to me that the integration would not be difficult for another project or company to accomplish if they so desired; it just hasn’t happened yet (though OSM’s usage in Apple Maps is an interesting partial exception).

First Entry

Thanks for doing that. I have traced some of the river a while ago, but decided to focus on Pinedale itself for now.

I know this is a lot of work I’ve decided to do, but Pinedale isn’t a very large town so if I get a few streets-worth of mapping done each week, I should be able to accomplish my goals.

The United States overall is a rather undermapped area on OSM; I personally think that a lot of the reason is the cultural differences between Europe and the US regarding personal data (i.e. Americans are much more willing to let Google track them in exchange for nice services) but hopefully the OSM community here can grow as the map improves.