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Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

philippec is using this argument time and again. And as I have said time and again, I provide alternatives to Mapillary so that no-one will die.

Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

That’s exactly what newspapers used to do when people read them. It’s what the news organisations continue to do. […] [Influencing voting] has been done forever

Those don’t lure people into sharing their life with them, or worse, harvest people’s data without their consent. The only way they do that is by writing articles that people read willingly, not by tailoring . Sure, they do have power, and we see it being misused, but there’s still a more healthy competition there, so this is not the same as Facebook.

That existed before Facebook, and will after, yeah, it kinda sucks as a user experience, but it has allowed Facebook to be an equal platform not limited to the middle and upper classes with disposable income.

Yes, that’s indeed not the worst part.

without the massive platform available to all we would have never seen the video of police officers killing George Floyd

If Facebook wasn’t present, another platform might very well have taken this role. Maybe even a more ethical one.

Facebook has undoubtedly done a lot of harm, but it has also done a lot of good.

“They also do good things.” You can say the same of a lot of dictators about whom people still aren’t happy.

Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

Downloader exists, don’t delete your precious imagery without getting them back first!!

Thanks a lot, gitouche! I downloaded my images that weren’t wiped yet, and I added a link to your repo in Exit Mapillary’s README.

Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

A quick introduction to Facebook: Facebook is a company that is built on learning as much data about people, in order to effectively manipulate them. Their business model is offering this manipulation as a paid service in such projects as advertising, and influencing voting.

It’s a verifiable fact that they are able to follow you around vast portions of the web. It’s a public secret that they have shadow profiles about people without an account, and that deleting data is impossible. They ignore and lobby away regulations that should protect users.

Facebook is not one to welcome.

Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

Is login wall intentional?

No, I forgot to make it public when it was ready. Fixed now, thanks for the heads-up!

Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

Because Mapillary doesn’t make it exactly easy to delete your photos, I wrote a small program to help you do that:

Since Mapillary doesn’t seem to allow downloading the images in full resolution outside their web app, I didn’t bother writing a downloader.

Mapillary and Facebook - Combining our open mapping efforts 5 months ago

Very disappointing. The all-seeing Facebook gains yet more control.

I propose that we all thank Mapillary for the service these past years and find somewhere else to put our photos.

Announcing Daylight Map Distribution 9 months ago

Good job on achieving compliance with section 4.4 of the ODbL!

Quickly adding lots of notes with OsmAnd 11 months ago

Following up, here’s how to add personal survey notes. You can now avoid uploading them and instead view them all in JOSM:!dgard/diary/391761

Mapping infrastructure worldwide with OpenStreetMap almost 2 years ago

You’ll probably be interested in this slippy map by Russ:

Belgian Mapper of the Month : Matthieu Gaillet over 5 years ago

If you don’t like the tone on talk-be, I suggest you never subscribe to the tagging list. At times, talk-be feels like coming home in a happy, embracing family after reading tagging :p

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [10] over 5 years ago

For this particular case the choice of the mapper wasn’t all that wrong, although I would have preferred

On now to the fixme-chaos!

I think you forgot to finish your sentence?

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [10] over 5 years ago

fixme:admin_level=7,8 and not: fixme=admin_level should be 7,8 If you argue that it is more clear in this way (at first sight) what needs to be fixed, then I start a proposal that we should start using: shop:bakery=yes instead of shop=bakery amenity:bench=yes instead of amenity=bench landuse:grass=yes instead of landuse=grass Maybe even better is shop:bakery:yes=true and then use shop:bakery:yes=false for the Butcher? Got the picture?

Yes, we should all start using name_en=, name_nl=, addr_housenumber=, demolished_building=, shop_vending=bread;cheese;vegetables,milk;peanuts;underwear;batteries;books;jam;honey;butter;milk – oops, already had that one.

/sarcasm off

Namespaced keys are useful in their own ways. Keys that normally have just one value, are great for regular tags like amenity=bench, and keys that have multiple values are better expressed in namespaced keys. Admittedly in your example the comment is confusing, but fixme:phone=resurvey is just as clear as fixme=phone number needs resurveying.

Removing phone booths in Belgium over 5 years ago

And in fact I surveyed and removed the closest 4 before this edit ;)

Removing phone booths in Belgium over 5 years ago

Hi woodpeck

I am aware of the Mechanical Edits rules.

I’m sorry, I forgot to note that this was something we have been discussing this on the Belgian mailinglist since June. There was not a single voice against this. In fact newer contributors not on the list began asking me if there wasn’t a way to automatically remove them, since it has been on the TV news that they’re all gone.

We are very very sure that there are no operational Belgacom/Proximus phone booths left. Any other phones were not removed, though we believe there are none left whatsoever.

Kind regards


map styles: Default OSM vs Google Maps over 5 years ago

This may also be an interesting area: Google Maps doesn’t do a great job here either: it’s not clear what’s water and what’s road, although I see they have improved it a bit since last year.

Belgian Mappers of the Month: Ruben & Josefien over 5 years ago

Ha, I can tell you those badges don’t work nearly as much as we’d hoped. People don’t really look that close at you. (That would be awkward.) That’s why we are designing T-shirts now, they are much more visible!

We’ve drawn a lot of attention to ourselves while collecting POIs in the Kerkstraat, one shop owner even talked to us when we were harvesting his opening hours. He couldn’t believe we were really doing it for free and thought there was a catch, so he didn’t trust us …