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Mapper since: March 20, 2017

When you are looking to add beauty and luxury to your home or business Kool Fx is the solution for you. Founded in 1989, Kool Fx has been designing, building, and installing a variety of water and fire features for a wide range commercial and residential uses. Originating from Nevada, Kool Fx was founded by Jim Dalbec, and has since migrated to Arizona. Kool Fx started with misting and fogging effects, and has since expanded to a full range of water and fire features that are sure to bring beauty and appeal into any home or business space.

At Kool Fx, our team has always been committed and capable of pushing the expectations of the water and fire feature industry, providing clean, sophisticated effects for many different clients. Some of our best work is featured in hotels, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, medical offices, salons, private homes, and many different locations that have been enhanced by our stunning water and fire centerpieces. Not only do we mold and create our features to fit the needs of our clients, but we provide excellent care and support for the future maintenance of the new addition to their home or office.

Kool Fx water and fire features include stainless steel water walls, beautiful and serene waterfalls, fire pits and other warm and inviting fire features, and more. With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Kool Fx can fully customize your fire or water feature to fit your specifications and needs. Not only do we make sure that the design and outcome exceeds your standards, but we also work to achieve your dream water or fire feature in a timely manner that also works with your budget. With plenty of style and customization options to fit any setting, commercial or residential, we also provide top quality maintenance packages for your new or existing water and fire features.

For commercial use, water are excellent for many reasons. With beautiful and relaxing waterfalls or fountains, you can distinguish yourself from similar business so you stand out from the rest, drawing in more clientele. You can also create a brilliant focal point for any area in your business. Not only does a tranquil and peaceful water feature create a productive work environment, but it can also reduce stress in the workplace, creating a natural and friendly area in which to conduct your business. With these beautiful waterfall or water features, the natural sound of trickling and flowing water also works to reduce unwanted background noise and dampen the air to create an allergen free workspace. Kool FX has provided these luxurious water features for a variety of clients including doctors offices, hospitals, dental offices, other medical offices, and a variety of law offices as well.

Fire features are equally as tranquil and provide a certain sense of warmth and an inviting feel to your home or business. The natural sound of crackling fire is one that many find to be relaxing and serene. These beautiful features are perfect for any entertainment venue, restaurants, hotels, and especially in homes. They create a relaxed social atmosphere for friends, family, and clientele in the workplace, and they easily attract new customers with the impressive appeal of a warm fire feature. The fire features by Kool FX also provide a stunning centerpiece for your patio or backyard, creating an inviting feel for your landscape. With both gas and wood burning options for your fire display, these fire features can also be incorporated to blend easily and beautifully with our many water feature options.

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