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At present, a number of related surveys show that the incidence rate of anorectal diseases is 59.1%, hemorrhoids is 87.25%, and the incidence rate of anorectal diseases is very high. Men and women get sick regardless of their age. The incidence rate of male is about 53%, and that of female is about 67%. Most of them are between the ages of 20 and 40. Then why are there so many patients with hemorrhoids? What is the cause of hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are often caused by comprehensive factors. The most common is constipation, dry stool, squatting too long and other bad stool habits. Some patients squat for 10 ~ 20 minutes or even more than 30 minutes every time they defecate. Or too much defecation, frequent diarrhea, etc. Second, bad eating habits, including spicy food and wine. Third, I like staying up late. Moreover, sitting for a long time, these factors can cause hemorrhoids. In particular, excessive force of women during childbirth after pregnancy will cause hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids are abnormal growth at the entrance, anal canal and rectal end. During the examination, check whether the anus is convex, convex color and shape. You can also touch it directly with your fingers. Normally, the texture of hemorrhoids is very soft. Anoscopy and diagnosis are also OK. Through anoscope, you can see the end of human rectum, whether there is a protrusion in the anal canal and the size of the protrusion.
In addition, the description of the patient’s stool habit or dehydration can be diagnosed in combination with the patient’s address. When the patient squats down and pushes away, the protruding situation and size can also be seen. In this way, we can have a comprehensive understanding of hemorrhoids.
Because hemorrhoids are caused by congestion and expansion of anal fissure blood vessels. Therefore, first of all, do not eat food that may cause congestion and expansion. Factors that may cause bleeding and expansion include staying up late, drinking and eating spicy food, poor stool, chronic constipation or diarrhea, long sitting, etc. In addition, pay attention to diet and avoid spicy and irritant things and drinking, which can directly stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, including hemorrhoids.