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November 19, 2019

5 amazing things to do before you die

Are you the one who always stays busy in studies, work, building a career, and future? How often do you take some time for yourself?

Your answer will be the same as rest of the people that you are busy, you don’t get enough time, you are caught up in building career which is a sign of adulthood, and all your dreams were a part of childhood, right?

But don’t forget you have one life and one chance to explorer as much as you want so, there are some great things which you can do before this journey ends.

1- Travel and feed your inner wanderer

Traveling is something which will always take you out of any stress and difficulties of life. Traveling makes you feel free and relaxed.
You can relieve all the stress that you are facing in life if you choose to travel.

Make a list of all the places that you want to visit and start visiting them one by one. Make sure you go to at least two of them in a year.

If you don’t think you can afford to go abroad, make plans of roaming around in your own country with your friends and family. You will get the same happiness.

2- Try different kinds of food

Do you know trying different dishes that are cooked in different styles is also an adventure? Where ever you live or where ever you go, make sure you try different kinds of food.

It is fun and exploratory because food memories stick to your mind like glue, it does not matter they are bad, or they are good, they just make you feel you actually did something in your life.

3- Achieve every goal like an adventure

Whatever you thought you would accomplish in life, make sure do not turn your back on it.

Do not work because you need to pay bills and survive in this society, work because you have an essential duty of achieving your goals on your shoulders.

Just like an essay writer you can make a list of your goals and achieve every single one of them like an adventure.

4- Do not become a robot

Do not get lost in the monotonous life and maze of tangled tasks. Do not work more than it starts getting harmful for your health.

Remember! You are a human, not a robot, and it is essential for you to take a break sometimes, enjoy things that you love and make you happy.

5- L.I.V.E

Always remember! Your life and your present is a gift. It is all up to you how you spend every single day of your life, do not make it dull and boring.

Make sure you enjoy your precious time and actually “live” rather than robotically pass days of your lives.


Remember! All the amazing adventures, unknown places, and mysteries are waiting for you to be conquered, known and revealed.

Traveling not just make you feel happy it gives you ideas to do something great for yourself, let’s say you are a student

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