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how to map usage of university buildings over 10 years ago

I would have put the building numbers as ref=* and 'Department of Whatever' as name=Department of Whatever (or name:en=Department of Whatever)

JOSM over 10 years ago

You probably have wireframe mode on. Ctrl/Cmd-W (I think) or use the View menu(?).

Here Be Dragons over 10 years ago

I'd use "fixme=Incompletely surveyed" or something to identify a way as being …incompletely surveyed.

OS OpenData Street View in JOSM over 10 years ago

I've been using the WMS layer in JOSM for just under a week now and I've got quite a lot of tracing done; no emergence of this alignment shifting, though.

footway vs. track over 10 years ago

Are cyclists welcome on the path/track?... or is it a case of "there's no ban on cycling"? If cyclists are welcome, I'd suggest highway=cycleway, surface=surfaced (or =tarmac), bicycle=yes, foot=yes, width=[whatever the width is], etc. If cyclists aren't *signed* as welcome, I'd suggest highway=track, surface=surfaced (or =tarmac), bicycle=unknown, foot=yes, width=[whatever].

OS OpenData Street View in JOSM over 10 years ago

Gregory: it's just giving me blankness; just not loading anything. No red tiles; just blackness. It's all rather upsetting.

OS OpenData Street View in JOSM over 10 years ago

The SlippyMap plugin doesn't appear to work at my end; I've added the URLs through the Advanced Prefs, but it just doesn't want to download any StreetView tiles. I've tried, using the wiki instructions, getting it working with WMS but it doesn't seem to like that either. I'll use Potlatch for now; cheers for your help, Ed.

Need help over 10 years ago

Sure thing; would I trace them and then you go back and tag the new ways? Did you only travel on roads?---if you did, I'm thinking I'll just tag them as highway=road.

Mapnik rendering of this one forest is light grey instead of green over 10 years ago

That is odd. The wood=mixed tag might be playing with Mapnik; I think certain wood=* values will render little tree pictograms on a green woodland colour: like on OS maps, where pine forests have little pine symbols, and deciduous woodland has a tiled round-esque tree symbol. Not too sure; I would consult the Mapnik team on this problem.

Where's my Bridge? Where's my trails? almost 11 years ago

Attribution?; isn't it a situation of 'no-one owns the data; everyone owns the data'?

London Cycle Superhighways almost 11 years ago

xD Yeah, but from a route perspective… they are signed (and being marketed incorrectly) as proper routes.

London Cycle Superhighways almost 11 years ago

xD Yeah, but from a route perspective… they are signed (and being marketed incorrectly) as proper routes.

Undue prominence to cycleways ? almost 11 years ago

I use highway=path in a similar fashion to highway=road; a yet-to-be determined class of path. I would tag shared-use 'farce'ilities as highway=cycleway, cycleway=shared_use …but if they're seriously narrow, bad or just plainly not cycleways to cycle on, use highway=footway, bicycle=yes.

iPhone GPS users? almost 11 years ago

'Amazed' is the wrong word. My iPhone (3GS) barely gets anything more accurate than about 15 m.

First couple of bus routes almost 11 years ago

You have to be careful when using that plugin. I never automatically add stops; I hardly think that the 26 calls at *all* bus stops at the central bus station, nor all three of the stops at the hospital.

Roads that have been removed... but are still on the old satellite images almost 11 years ago

Leave the ways in place, but removed all tags; then apply "note=Some kind of note re: the fact that the way no longer exists".

distance_marker=yes about 11 years ago

In the UK, we call them milestones (and they would happen to be, here, in miles and not kms). I've been using highway=milestone and added them all (as they're in a series) to a relation—with the order and mileage of each 'stone set. I suppose until the whole World uses on language, even if we all decided on one tag for the UK let's say, there's got to be either the same tag worldwide or a tag set in primary for each of the hundreds of nations. I'm glad tools like Tagwatch exist; the folks behind it are doing a very good job and providing a very good service.

Google Maps as a WMS source? about 11 years ago

I really wouldn't suggest doing anything like WMSificating Google tiles, even if you're not using them to trace for OSM map-map purposes.

The OpenStreetMap website now links to Key:* and Tag:* pages on the wiki about 11 years ago

Ah; awesome idea. :)

Changeset: 4241989 about 11 years ago

You could find the tile PNGs in question and add /dirty to the end of the URL. This should return the text "Tile submitted for rendering" -- this will flag the tile as in need of a re-render.