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November 21, 2021

Keith Rosenbloom is a co-founder of Cruiser Capital Advisors, LLC (the “Cruiser Portfolios”). He started the Cruiser Portfolios. The services of Mr. Rosenbloom have increased shareholder value for various public companies. For almost 30 years, Mr. Rosenbloom has been investing in oddball situations. Mr. Rosenbloom co-founded and ran CARE Capital Group, an alternative investment firm focused on hedge funds. Formerly of Commonwealth Associates, Mr. Rosenbloom co-managed Comvest Venture Partners, a private equity and bridge lending firm. His other boards include Hillel International and Hatzalah (Israel’s private EMT service). Mr. Rosenbloom advises two family offices on alternatives. Keith is a Yale grad. In addition to corporate finance, Mr. Rosenbloom has invested in public and private equity.