State Of The Map Africa 2019

Posted by KALUBA MICHEAL on 11 February 2020 in English (English)

My experience at the Sotm Africa 2019 was unique of its own, it being my very first Sotm Africa conference to attend. Its one of the conferences where i attended many most of the sessions and learnt a lot from those sessions. On the very first day of the event that was Friday, November 22,2019 in Abidjan in the Understanding risks event before what i experience i met new friends and interacted with some my old friends who i met in other conferences. Here is the general outline of what i learnt and experienced in this session: 1. Gender and Local empowerment specifically a session which was presented by Confidence Kpodo and Akouete where they talked about LETS GIRLS MAP initiative in which girls have been driven from being inferior to becoming superior mappers to great contributions to the OSM 2.How i can use OSM in Urban planning considering a case study of Ernest Ntakobangize who presented a session on how OS has been used to in Urban planning in Kigali Rwanda ranging from infrastructures, housing among other social services and this same case applies to the presentation made Tshedy Thobie on How Osm has been used in spatial planning in Lesotho in other words i learnt how OSM has been of great importance in urban planning , it being an open source of spatial data. 3.The Red Cross and Open data for Community Epidemic preparedness presented by Jennifer Duong from American Red cross and Christian from the Red Cross in DRC where Christian explained how the have trained local nurses in local medical centers to help in data collection using smartphones, the red cross being a big community a lot of data is collected voluntarily by these people after training and provision of equipment like smartphones. 4. I learnt how to Use Mappiraly Night Vision sensor to detect objects on streets like garbage cans on streets. This was from a session presented by Henry Sseruwaji when he presented a session on how they have used this detect garbage cans and disposal on the streets and within of Kampala. I learnt a lot and it was an amazing experience with lesions and above all that i learnt and experienced i would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the sponsors of my scholarship to ivory coast the Stom Africa Organizing team many thanks for such an awesome organisation keep up please
Many thanks to: Katterega Geoffery, Omojah Sharon, Yusuf

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