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July 19, 2017

A GOOD PRACTICE to BUY ESSAY CHEAP If you can, maybe this would be a better idea, then the hill of learning will be overcome. Geez LORD! WE CORREMOS YOU CORRES SHE CORRE HE CORRE (he runs) Is spanglish but is getting your brain trained for future conjugations, for instance: USING VERB COMER ( TO EAT)

SHE COME ( ella comb-eh!)…. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH our verb COME or approach THEY COMEN YOU COMES WE COMEMOS….. we comem-‘us’

WHY IS STILL SO HARD? Took 24 years for your exchange student friend from Ecuator to learn English on a college level. So you will need at least 3 days to catch up with this hub’s tips. As we said, Rome wasn’t built in 3 days, not even the Statue of Liberty or the Constitution of the U.S. THE BASIC WORDS OF GREETING BUENOS DIAS– GOOD MORNING BUENAS TARDES– GOOD AFTERNOON BUENAS NOCHES–GOOD NIGHT COMO ESTAS?– HOW ARE YOU? HASTA LUEGO– SEE YOU LATER…. or laterz! as of 2011. ADIOS- GOOD BYE… or bye, bye! as of 1940’s and forward. As you see languages evolve too. New words come and might go. Hope this first lesson didn’t cause so much collateral damage. Gracias y hasta pronto!