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Breaking route relations while splitting roads over 4 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions ToniE and Minh. Will try this out and post my findings soon :)

State Highways in Kerala over 5 years ago

Superb work Naveen. Now you have a map to show in your article :)

Fixing the tagging errors in Rajahmundry over 5 years ago

@Glassman all the data they uploaded is through JOSM version 1.5. First they collected the data through field survey. They classified the collected data into different categories such as parks, ATMs, Hotels etc., and uploaded each category in one go.

Fixing the tagging errors in Rajahmundry over 5 years ago

Hello Xapitoun, I’m also facing the same problem. They just wanted to contribute the data, but never thought of the visual rendering problems. I’m trying to figure out an easy way to change them to lowercase alphabets as changing one by one is hard (there are 480 points to be fixed). If you know any way to fix them directly, please let me know.

Adding missing towns and villages in OSM almost 6 years ago

Hello Ganesh Dhamodkar,

Can you try again after updating the JOSM version. It’s perfectly working for me. Also don’t forget to select the Approved layers in select layers section. It will by default create a layer with the name “ Approved_(N)” and will only be activated once we load the bing imagery as background.

Japan road alignment - Taking it further almost 6 years ago

Good to know the stuff @Yog… Thanks for sharing information.

Mapping my hometown Rajahmundry almost 6 years ago

Thanks for you comments and guidance @Govanus & @malenki. They are really helpful, and gave me new ideas to formulate the mapping work.

Mapping my hometown Rajahmundry almost 6 years ago

@all thanks for your suggestions and encouragement. Will follow your ideas and try to improve the map ASAP.