Dear all,

Today, v4.25.0 of the OpenStreetMap Carto stylesheet (the default stylesheet on the Openstreetmap website) has been released. Once changes are deployed on it will take couple of days before all tiles show the new rendering.

Changes include:

Minor code clean-ups:

  • Remove way_pixels selection from bridge layer (#3950)
  • Remove name from SQL select when unused (#3947)
  • Combine line-barriers and area-barriers layers into one

Thanks to all the contributors for this release, including @Sjord (Sjoerd Langkemper), a new contributor.

For a full list of commits, see$v4.24.1…v4.25.0

As always, we welcome any bug reports at and new contributions

Comment from geowas on 5 February 2020 at 12:23

Thank you!

Comment from keithonearth on 16 February 2020 at 06:05

Thank you for all the hard work. I am sure it’s hard to please everyone, and I think it’s good that barrier=kerb is not rendering the same as walls and fences, but I do think it’s useful to have it render. At some point I think we are going to need to map roads as areas, like we do with riverbank for rivers. I think mapping barrier=kerb is a good transition. At present it can give an idea of the with of roads, the existence of traffic islands, ease transition from manmade=bridge to the road mapped as a way, and probably more. In the future the traces could play a dual role of making the curb, and the extent of the roadway as an area.

It seems like having it render as a lighter grey line would keep it distinct from fences and walls, but keep this useful feature on the visual representation of our data.

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