OpenStreetMap Carto Release v4.23.0

Posted by Joseph E on 20 September 2019 in English (English).

OpenStreetMap Carto (the default stylesheet on the website) has released version v4.23.0 today.


  • Combine low priority layers using ST_PointOnSurface (#3874) Fixes a bug which rendered parking icons twice

  • Restore rendering of landcover text labels on points (#3878) For the past several months nodes with tags like leisure=sports_centre lacked a text label

  • Adjust aerodrome initial & final zoom levels (#3879) Aerodrome name labels now start rendering at a later zoom level, and continue rendering to higher zoom levels unless the area is too large

  • Adjust width of hedge & citywall up to z20, adjust hedge color (#3847) Minor changes to make barrier line widths more consistent

  • Increase office= initial zoom to z18 and move some values to z19 (#3896) No longer renders “office=*” at z17, undocumented values are shown at z19

  • Create new layer for ref of highway=residential/unclassified/track (#3709) Changes ref to standard halo-radius, oblique font, and same size as name at >z17. This renders the “ref” number at lower priority than the names of these minor roads

  • Add fill colors for wetland=mangrove/saltmarsh/reedbed (#3807) Also adds salt dots pattern for wetland=saltmarsh

Once changes are deployed on it will take couple of days before all tiles show the new rendering.

For a full list of commits, see…v4.23.0

We welcome any bug reports at

We welcome new contributors who might be interested in solving one of the many open issues. See a list of [relatively easy first issues](

It’s not necessary to have coding or cartography experience (though this will make it easier): I started contributing about a year ago without any prior coding experience.

Contributors with experience in CartoCSS and cartography may be interested in the list of more challenging issues that need help

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