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Wierd stuff with the rendering over 5 years ago

Hello and thank you for your comments.

However, I made the changes more than two weeks ago, and it still does not look okay. Indeed it never actually looked like the rendered version before I started adjusting the coast line. Also, in the area that I linked to there are also trails and roads next to the coast line (I also edited them around three weeks ago) and they are also in the wrong place when the map is rendered, but look fine in edit-mode.

I have checked this area on three different computers now and the same problem appears on all of them (i.e. strange coast line and roads in the water). Here is a closeup of one affected area:

Any other ideas what might be the problem?



Not working.... over 5 years ago

I made a number of edits that I could not save (probably because of my crappy internet connection that I have right now). I put in the code in my diary here, as I was hoping that it would be possible to simply copy it somewhere. (The code is apparently only visible in when editing the diary).