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cleaning up after a task manager task

I interpret your hint as having an extra post-validation quality check, on each HOT project. once the project gets closed, moves from Published to Archived, it would need going through this sort of acceptance step. I have followed projects in Panamá, being closed just like that, and I think that such an acceptance step would be quite useful.

The process can be used on archived projects, or even on live projects. Duplicate buildings and untagged buildings can be corrected even with live mappers mapping. Just quickly download just the error asset once more, correct and upload.

If an NGO wants to use the map then the faster it is corrected the better but I agree having a formal step before archiving would help diminish the errors lying around the map after an inexperienced mapper has been in..

cleaning up after a task manager task

Note to qeef I’ve amended the original to mention mapathoner plugin rather than use a script from a third party source.

Thanks John

cleaning up after a task manager task

Thank you both for the comments.

Note to qeef Is there a write up somewhere about Mapathoner and how to use it?

Many Thanks


Running JOSM on X86 without Oracle's JAVA

I think you need to go back twenty five years to a time when Sun Microsystems were building computers that needed to have programs specially written for their hardware and that is the origin of JAVA. The promise was one program could run on many different hardware platforms and twenty five years ago there was a variety of hardware platforms. Today many have disappeared. Remember the Itanium or even Data General for that matter? Sun Microsystems has been taken over by Oracle and they have pointed out a number of security problems in early versions which pushes you into their latest version with it’s altered license.

Today computer hardware is dominated by the X86 processor so there isn’t quite the need for software that runs on any hardware. However there is still a lot of software written in JAVA and the cost of building an application such as JOSM is substantial. Can this be avoided.

As mentioned above there are a number of OpenJDK solutions available. The Microsoft version is only one but one that will have a very large user base and that means it should be solid. Someone else will find the undocumented system features (bugs). Provided JOSM is written or enhanced so that it can run under one or more then the investment in the code is safe. If it can only run under the Oracle version then you are at Oracle’s mercy as to the terms you can use the software.

I personally feel very comfortable with the Microsoft implementation but it is up to the JOSM programming team to write and enhance the code in such a way it can run under other OpenJDK solutions rather than be locked into an Oracle solution.

Running JOSM on X86 without Oracle's JAVA

Running JAVA on some corporate machines breaks company policy.

Oracle has changed the licensing on JAVA and I used to deal with Oracle on licensing matters professionally. Their interpretation of their licenses seemed to vary depending who you speak to. Several times I’ve have to refer them back to previous conversations where the interpretation of the license when it was purchased was not the same as the person I was talking to was saying.

I think Microsoft’s offering of OpenJDK which replaces JAVA avoids both these problems. Running it from a flash drive doesn’t really avoid the problems above. Do the problems matter? If you’re running a mapathon and some people bring their company laptop being able to use the JOSM buildings_tool makes a big difference.

I’m not saying you must use it instead of Oracle’s JAVA or that it is better than any other opensource JDK but I merely bring your attention to the fact it exists. Note the other implication is JOSM is now totally independent on what Oracle decides to do and thus we don’t need to think about a possible replacement.

Subjectively JOSM seems to run a little faster as well but I haven’t built and run a formal benchmark.

Running JOSM on X86 without Oracle's JAVA

Sorry I don’t run Linux I’m afraid.

Running JOSM on X86 without Oracle's JAVA

There is a choice of operating systems so the install will vary by operating system. Under Windows ten there is an .msi file microsoft-jdk- which installs and offers you the option to make Microsoft OpenJDK the default for .java files.

Very easy to do.

New road style for the Default map style, the full version - PR, casings on z11

I think its a retrograde step. A big user interface change such as this as a major impact especially on casual users who are used to the existing interface.

It certainly isn’t as clear to my untutored eye and taking into account red green colour blindness or even the partially sighted is removing blue such a sensible idea?