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closed 12622 John Motley

Approx position of new Southampton farmhouse and dairy unit.

almost 5 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 12620 John Motley

The old Southampton Farm is now Ard-ny-Mara House and tourist flats. A new Southampton Farm has been built further up the track

almost 5 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 12795 John Motley

There are two labels on Santon Railway Station.
One is Santon, the other STANTON.
I'd try fixing this myself, but Stanton disappears in Potlatch. Perhaps its part of a different dataset?

almost 5 years ago over 4 years ago
open 12619 John Motley

The Crogga River is the boundary between the parishes of Braddan and Santan. The admin boundary shown here appears to be about the right position for the river, so I would guess the blue line is inaccurate.

almost 5 years ago almost 5 years ago

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