My IOM edits July 2013

Posted by John Motley on 12 July 2013 in English (English)

Changed Southampton Farm label to Ard Na Mara (To do- add new Southampton farm.) ? Is the label for a locality or a building?

Fixed Crogga River through Port Soderick Glen. The 'way' was actually Crogga River plus a tributary (unknown name) So split into two ways, and put name on correct upper stretch of the Crogga River. Created new "Stream" way for the lower river by tracing over parish boundary. Then for the final reach to the sea, (where the boundary does not follow the river) traced on Bing. Deleted old lower stream, as this was half way up the hill! Note: My new "Crogga River lower stream does not reach the sea. This is physically correct, the river does end in a pool and disappear under the beach. Just that I'm not sure if this is the right treatment for mapping.

"Stanton" railway station. Finally worked out that there are two labels, and how to fix it. The typo is attached to the IOM Steam Railway route, so need to select that route first, then select the railway station marker attached to the route - simples!

Building outlines and names for 25 houses in Ballaveare Hamlet. Walked up & down the road to get them in the right order, then checked spellings with family and other sources. Not finished yet, but this is addictive. Will likely continue into Quines Hill, until I get fed up of tracing boxes.

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