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OpenStreetMap Carto v2.33.0 over 7 years ago

Like the changes and cannot wait for new default map style from Mateusz Konieczny :-)

Not really mentioned here, but also a (minor, but definitely useful) change: the forest/wood symbols are rendered over other areas if they overlap.

Rendering error; Street is't complete almost 8 years ago

On standard OSM map layer, you can force the tiles to be rendered

Top OSM Rank: The Big Imports almost 8 years ago

As of Petr1868 (and others in the Czech republic): all his RUIAN and LPIS changes are semi-automated imports. You need to click on every single field/meadow/building/… to draw it. There is still a lot of clicking.

Historical Objects map almost 8 years ago

H@mlet: Thanks for info.

It’s not my portal, I am just one of the translators. But I already reported the issue to the mainter, Lutz.

Edit in the city of Umm Ruwaba in Sudan almost 8 years ago

Nice, very nice! :-)

Are there some interesting POIs like schools or hospitals?

Counting cross-border roads about 8 years ago

Be aware of places like this:

Inclusão dos bairros de Jataí-GO about 8 years ago

Well done! :-)

Highway classification, especially for few most important roads, would be great to make routing through you city possible ;-)

By the way: with more than 1500 edits you can be already countet as pro-mapper. Haven’t you thing about some more advanced tool for editing aka JOSM? It gives you much more possibilities than iD (after you lear how to use it).

What can we do with "multipolygon relation" over 8 years ago

Wow! How exactly you did it? Just regular mapping or some advanced technique? Merry Christmass to you :-)

A little survey story over 8 years ago

Not a long time ago the import of house numbers was finished in the Czech republic -

No Waiting over 8 years ago

there is already policy of not doing so: - the red box marked as “Don’t s”. But in case someone wants to do so there is no way (at least I don’t know about it) how to stop him/her…

Local Knowledge over 8 years ago

man_made=water_well ?

Anonymous note "spam" - not again... over 8 years ago

Wisepilot - ?

Dubai over 8 years ago

Nice! BTW: do you know OSM notes? You can switch them on in the “Layers” menu by checking off “Map Notes”. They are filled out by map users and serve as a bridge between users and mappers. With them you can see what is missing in your neighborhood and add it on the map. Afterward you can close the note by clicking on “Resolve” button

Error message over 8 years ago

Editing on website = you are usind iD editor. Just follow Simon’s links

Moskowskoje Morje almost 9 years ago

Isn’t there some problem with data in the area, like gap in the rivebank or in the lake?

20000000 about 9 years ago

Well, I am not sure if this is so important. And even trough it is I don’t feel like being the right person to do so. If you like to feel free to do it! ;-)

Buildings at Savassi about 9 years ago

You’re welcome :-)

And I hope you will post some longer blogpost about how the Laser Scanning method (altogether with pictures), because it sounds amazing! :-)

Buildings at Savassi about 9 years ago

Hi rcesar,

I just checked your edits. I thing it will be great if you add the tag “building=yes” to the buildings you are adding. In that case those buildings will be visible on the map. And maybe you can thing about another change: mapping buildings and the shops separetly as a nodes. I have no idea how it works in Brazil but in Europe we have offen more shops in one building and once we map the shop as a node, we can easily add another one next to it.

And one more tip: in Potlach, which are you using for your edits, you can make the buildings easily right-angled. How to do it is explained on the wiki.

Good luck with your edits! :-)


PS: what does it mean “laser scanning file”? I am just curious ;-)