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As Pavel Kwiecien informed, the import of landuse from LPIS, czech farmland registry, is finished. It means whole (except for small gapes) country have now landuse with corresponding value on it. Many thanks to everyone involved! :-)

This is not the first import in the country’s history: there was import of forests, waterways (and other water-related objects), not very long ago the import of addresses was finished (updated by bot) and the buildings import is work-in-progress as we are waiting for cadastral office to digitize the rest of data).

The question is: “What next?”. As the summer is calling, there will be a lot of outside mapping during next few months but it is always handy to have plan B for forthcoming fall. What are the ideas from abroad?

Starting in 1996, is nowadays the biggest web portal on Czech internet. The portal was originally search engine (today number2 in the Czech republic with share rate similar to Google), in 1998 the freemail function was added and since 2001, another functions were added, including maps. originally used data from Seznam for the Czech republic and from Navteq for the rest of the Europe. Another parts of the world were not rendered on usable zoom level.

As of the end of the year 2014 they switched from Navteq to OSM in the Europe and added zoom level 15 and 16. They earned 1.5milions of POIs (originally 1milion, 2.5 with OSM).

In the Q1 2015 they started to test in beta rendering of the whole world with OSM data and today their product left beta stage and now is available on their homepage.

OSM data are used everywhere except Czech republic and Slovakia (two countries is focusing mostly - they are collecting data by themselves and have some business plan with them). The only render is the default map, the other ones are available in Czech republic and Slovakia only (with promises of tourist map for favorite tourist destinations). There is also no Panorama (StreetView like) functionfor the rest of the world nor aerial images. promises not only taking the OSM data but also actively contribute: if someone mark a mistake on the map (outside Czech republic and Slovakia), they will repair it in OSM. I have no information if the bugreport needs to be done in Czech or other languages are also acceptable.

Historical Objects map project, whose goal is, easily guessable from title, to render historical objects, got a new, nicer and rememberable URL On the home page you can click on the wiki pages of the project in English, German and French, map is available in these three languages plus Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Spanish, Galician, Romanian and Turkish.

Another news are specialised maps of selected historical objects.

If you language is missing, you can easily add translation. And if there are missing some historical objects in your neighbourhood… ;-)


Posted by Jiří Komárek on 5 April 2015 in English (English).

As you maybe already notice from my previous blogposts, I love numbers. And today’s happy number is 30.000.000 which sign the number of changesets reached by OSM community. But first small recapitulation (copy and paste from previous blogpost):

This changeset was made by “An Epic Mapper” Heinz_V from Germany. The road he changed is located in Nepal. Congratulation!

Last time, there was small contest (with no prices) and DaCor missed only by one month (he wagered Feb 2015 or Mar 2015 at the latest). Today’s question is: when do you expect #35000000 changeset?


Posted by Jiří Komárek on 2 September 2014 in English (English).

It’s just some half a year since I wrote my blog spot about the edit number 20000000 and we have another reason to celebrate. But it wasn’t always as fast as now:

The OpenStreetMap is speeding up! When do you expect the #30000000 changeset?


Posted by Jiří Komárek on 16 January 2014 in English (English).

I am really surprised nobody mentioned yet there was changeset number 20000000. The guy behind is newcomer cosmicpop who one-wayed the Horace Road in the Eastern London. Congratulation!

And for the rest of us: open your favourite kind of drink and celebrate :-)