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Mapping allotments about 2 months ago

Interesting thoughts. I find myself in a similar place when complaining about funding. I want assistance from the companies that benefit from our altruism, but at the same time I don’t want to spoil what we’ve got. Maybe we need to examine history and try to avoid the same mistakes?

PostCards from the Edge: A Tour of OSM Data Analyses + Visualizations (SOTMUS 2019) over 1 year ago

I see that ITOWorld animations have been mentioned…but, you’ve really got to include “OSM 2008: A Year of Edits” for its historical relevance. Over the years many, many OSM talks have begun by showing it, to the point of it becoming a cliche.

A little shop contact page ...with OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

the tiles are from aka Wikimedia Foundation Labs. Is that a legit source?

Mapping larger solar farms in England over 1 year ago

Oh, hi, the REPD table was added by me. It’s been very useful for saying what is a wind ‘farm’ and what is ‘just a small turbine in someone’s field’, as well as being a good driver for hunting down wind and solar farms. I haven’t made a concerted effort on the solar yet but will most likely be triggering the next OSMUK Quarterly Project on it

If you are coming to the OSMUK AGM on June 29 we could chat.

Have you found the solar farm that is floating on the surface of a reservoir yet?!