A few days of mapping

Posted by Jeroen Muris on 6 December 2009 in English (English). Last updated on 7 December 2009.

A few days of mapping behind me and I must agree with those that say it's addictive. Also I'm starting to become impressed by what others around me are mapping. Someone reviewed the whole park near me last night!

I'm still trying to find a comfortable way to do my mapping. I find Potlatch easy to use, with good feedback and an impression of what the result will look like. JOSM provides more functionality, but lacks visual clues (it's only thin coloured lines and little dots). Also tried Mapzen POI collector and iLOE on the iPhone. The first is nice and easy to use, the latter does not seem to offer more and seems a bit more complex.

Did not have much need for GPS tracking yet, but tried Trails on the iPhone. I think that will be a nice tool for when I need to do some tracking.

Comment from Pink Duck on 6 December 2009 at 19:59

It is best to map based on reality and raw data, not the way that it will be presented (which depends on the renderer in use). Thus JOSM is the client that gets my vote.

Comment from Baloo Uriza on 7 December 2009 at 19:33

Wait, are you sure you're not getting Potlatch and JOSM backwards? Potlatch has very, very few visual cues compared to JOSM, which at times, is visual overload.

Comment from Anna_AG on 10 December 2009 at 01:37

Yes, JOSM is the more powerful tool, allowing detailed edits of objects. If you need the map underlay in JOSM try the WMS plugin which is very good.

cheers bri

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