Green Street, E7

Posted by JennyH on 25 October 2008 in English (English)

Today was a cold and overcast day, but this did not put me off wandering around the roads around green street (e7 UK), and finding 25 road names. This time was slightly different then before, as I had put an app on my phone, so that I could record a track with its GPS. I hadn't bothered before, as the areas have good yahoo images, but its nice to record where you have actually been.

I am working out from where I live, and have been tackling a big un-named block of roads around east ham. This was my 4th venture into the area which seems to have an amazing number of sari shops. The area of un-named roads just keeps going east, for a very long way, but now that I've mapped the west end of the block, I think I'll next map areas north and south of me.

I have of course mapped other areas before, but never bothered to write a diary.
My method has so far involved printing out the "no names" map of an area, and putting this in a A4 book. I can then wander around the area, adding details to the map that I find. I'm not sure how little pre-work is needed for this strategy. I guess I'll find out sooner or later!

I've given this phone app to another I work with, and asked them to turn in on, as they go around their area. Is this cheating? Well - I'm still doing the data entry! I've done a bit of sketching of the areal images too. Quite satisfying when you draw a lake, and a week later, someone has labelled it for you. Out of copyright maps are fun to use too - partly I think, because so much has changed since. But with local knowledge, handy for plotting old roads and features.

So I will conclude my first entry, wondering if I will add more in future.

Location: Aldersbrook, Wanstead, London Borough of Redbridge, London, Greater London, England, E12, United Kingdom

Comment from Andy Allan on 27 October 2008 at 16:46

Good to hear that you're having fun - keep it up! There's plenty of stuff you can help out with.

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