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Random OSM World Stats over 4 years ago

The total lenght of the pedestrian roads in the world is 29192.2 kilometers

I just committed an edit, now it should be 29192.7 kilometers :D

Can't get Lake Entiat to show up over 4 years ago

*I fixed it now

Can't get Lake Entiat to show up over 4 years ago

There was a gap in the chain of “outer” elements, between ways number 385784210 and 36740450. If fixed it now, the lake should be visible soon.

Data map VietNam over 4 years ago

@GOwin, leave it. It’s just a spammer.

The city of Chandigarh is taking a very good shape on OSM. over 4 years ago

It looks like a city designed top-down by one architect :) Such places are easy to map, with lots of repetitive objects. I did a similar (though much smaller) settlement in Sweden some time ago:

biggest mobility quest solved: All Roads to rome - made with GraphHopper and OSM almost 5 years ago

“502 Bad Gateway”

Witam wszystkich almost 5 years ago

@Wh4tEver po co to coś witasz i powodzenia życzysz? Przecież na pierwszy rzut oka widać, że to tzw. pozycjonowanie jakiejś śmiesznej strony. Tfu! Zgłoszone.

Trabalho de Geografia almost 5 years ago

Regarding your only, single changeset: what does a pharmacy do in a boundary relation? Respond please.

Trabalho de Geografia about 5 years ago

Currently you just added a single node without tags, not connected to anything. What is it supposed to be? Do you need help? By the way, please use changeset comments.

What to do about Bus routes in Puebla? about 5 years ago

The “seagull mapper” did his edits three years ago, these routes might be totally outdated today.

Top 25 cities in the world by the number of POI about 5 years ago

How about a statistic of POI-density in OpenStreetMap, in POIs per km² of city polygon?

Mark Waypoints on OSM over 5 years ago

In what file format do you keep those waypoints?

I think you could view your waypoints as a layer in JOSM (or some other editor) and add natural=spring (or amenity=drinking_water if applicable) to OpenStreetMap at the places you marked. Pay attention to underlying OpenStreetMap data, some water sources might already have been added.

ساختمان جديد شهرداري مركزي تبريز over 5 years ago

Add a map note about it.

Des français ici over 5 years ago

Spam! Reported.

(removed) over 5 years ago

@SomeoneElse This new user is a part of some larger action (primary school teachers asked to add their schools or something like that), an action that seems to lack any coordination or standards.

As a novice mapper, before even doing my first edit, I read OSM Wiki and many tutorials. Of course I did some mistakes, correcting them in later edits. But I was cautious, all because of my respect to the project and its data. I have no respect to people who join and start editing like frenetic doodling kids, without reading any introduction before. Forgive me I’m such a badass…

What's your OpenStreetMap story? over 5 years ago

Back in 2013, I was using an Android app for viewing offline maps. There was a notice that the map data for this app comes from OpenStreetMap. From curiosity, I checked what OpenStreetMap is. Being already a Wikipedia contributor and having an inclination to wander around and explore my surroundings, I immediately found the project idea brilliant. Checking the map data of my hometown and thinking “what a mess!” I decided to share some local knowledge and to try doing some edits.

Before contributing my first changes, I carefully studied tutorials in OpenStreetMap Wiki. I was terribly afraid I might break some valuable data by mistake.

Öffentlicher Verkehr WIEN over 5 years ago

“Ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln”… Der Hauptproblem ist, dass zwar ein klares Taggingschema existiert, aber es von Datenverbraucher ganz unterschiedlich verwertet wird. Zum Beispiel muss man immer irgendwo veraltetes highway=bus_stop mit name=* hinzupappen, sonst wird vom Mapnik-Stil auf der OSM-Hauptwebseite kaum was gezeigt, weil er weder die neue Tags noch die Relation p_t=stop_area berücksichtigt.

Ich habe einmal eine ganze Regionalverkehr-Strecke erfasst: Bus 666 nach Hel. Einfachheitshalber sind sowohl p_t=platform als auch p_t=stop_position als Punkte eingetragen, dazu für Rückwärtskompatibilität trägt jedes platform auch highway=bus_stop und Name. Leider werden jetzt von Overpass alle Haltestellen doppelt angezeigt, weil es sowohl p_t=stop_position als auch highway=bus_stop als getrennte Halte interpretiert, trotzdem sie derselben p_t=stop_area gehören…

Öffentlicher Verkehr WIEN over 5 years ago

Viel Erfolg! :)

Happy over 5 years ago

Was hat es mit OpenStreetMap zu tun?

AFET KRİZ TOPLANTI over 5 years ago

Objects with only name=* and one with only area=yes… I don’t know what you’re trying to convey, but it doesn’t look like something that should be on the map. Please read OSM Wiki before editing and stop wrtiting in Caps Lock.