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Custom Area (Orphanage grounds) 4 months ago

Awesome, thanks!

PoGo Initiative: entry 2 xD 7 months ago

Hey thanks! The Texas Ortho one is great. However, I am seeing that they different versions don't necessarily line up the same. It won't matter on generic OSM map, but it seems like that would cause inconsistencies. Is there a way to tell how old certain backgrounds are?

Pokemon Go made me start editing OSM 7 months ago

I had not thought that Google Maps might be less than amazing in other countries. Everything in the US is Google. Good thought. Doesn't make me any more pleased with my fugly PoGo game name. Especially if the estimates are correct and Niantic is using a months old version of the map. I would be sad to not see any changes for a very long time in the dark distant future.

Pokemon Go made me start editing OSM 7 months ago

I can't say i disagree. It totally made a disconnect between in-game and real world being in the same space. Niantic may have some grand plan, but its going to cost all the players a lot of work too i think =/

Pokemon Go made me start editing OSM 7 months ago

Yes, it should. Silph Road and recognized that Niantic had been using OSM for nests/biomes, but still using google maps for in-game. Not that it has switched, stuff that was already done previously in OSM does in fact show up. However, I am uncertain how/when PoGo syncs with the map. That part I guess we will just have to wait and see =/