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Tinnheia, Slettheia, Southern Lund tagged and Hånes traced almost 6 years ago

Veldig, veldig bra.

Dette er virkelig god hjelp og jeg håper du (og andre) har lyst til å fortsette. Jeg tar meg en sykkeltur på lørdag og samler inn veinavn + sjekker opp byggeområdet. Tror det til og med er en hel skole og barnehage der det kun vises skog på Bing-bildene.

Sørlandsparken og Justvik er områder med gode bilder som bare mangler veier. Spesielt er jo Sørlandsparken et høytrafikkområde.



Knall dersom noen kan gjøre disse :)


Kvadraturen mapped for driving and tourists almost 6 years ago

Oh, and BTW: I didn't know OsmAnd actually uses website=* or phone=*. That's really handy. Thanks for the tip. Do you know of more apps or websites who make use of this data?

Kvadraturen mapped for driving and tourists almost 6 years ago

Haha. That almost sounds like some kind of joke from a Simpsons-cartoon. The mayor: "We declare today: 'One-way street day'! Let all roads lead to Springfield. We will all become rich!"

Foursquare-like service launched in Belgium almost 6 years ago

Hmm... what would be a good, game-like incentive-based mechanism to ensure quality data?

Some kind of competition where your POI description, such as its name, has to match at least 1 of the other submitters POI name to be considered good quality.

Maybe the same mechanism for POI position where you would get the most points if your POI was recorded at closest to the mean position of all POIs with the same name.

Y'know: "Best POI pin-point accuracy Achievement" or "Spell-streak! 5 correctly spelled POIs in a row".


Vågsbygd has never looked better :) almost 6 years ago

@joakimfors: Right. I've seen the the disjointed roads at the edge where the two imagery qualities meet. I havn't done any adjustments yet, though. In old Potlatch, there was an option for moving the background image, do anyone know if this is available in Potlatch 2? If not, I'll just try to do this in JOSM instead.

Almost all roads in Vågsbygd...named almost 6 years ago

@Xapitoun: Well, I'm actually a completionist too, and I do really agree that we need to map all roads, both in cities and in the countryside.

As an example, during our vacation there were a couple of occations where we strayed from the path into unmapped territory in some of the cities. Since the GPS arrow still snaps to the nearest road, it took a little while for us to first figure out that we were actually not on a mapped road and then after that wind our way back on to the good path.

BTW: The iPad has a very poor GPS receiver. It's good enough for navigation but for tracking, the points might end up even 120 meters from the real position. (I normally use my HTC Desire but it does not want to talk to the SD card at the moment) Anyone got similar experiences?

Vågsbygd has never looked better :) almost 6 years ago

Yeah. Kristiansand was mostly red spaghetti, there. I havn't looked at the map calibration but once I get my HTC Desire GPS working again, I'll double check. Thanks for the suggested offset values, are those in meters?

Remapping Kristiansand almost 6 years ago

I can confirm that all mapping of current and future main road construction is correct in Vågsbygd. In Hannevika, things seem 99% correct and I'll visually confirm it the next time I'm passing by.

I put all planned tunnels on level -1 and -2 and corrected a few bridges to +2 to clean up. The latter is very hard to spot from the air.

Remapping Kristiansand almost 6 years ago

Kool! I did notice that all almost all the roads in Vågsbygd were added back within this evening. That was fast. Thanks!

None of the roads are named yet so I'll go for a nice, long bicycle trip on Friday evening with a freshly printed map and take note of all residential road names around Vågsbygd. Expect log and map updates by Saturday or Sunday.

I'll consider doing the same for other areas of Kristiansand too, unless there are other sources for names.

(Yes, I'm just looking for any excuse to work out :) )

Remapping Kristiansand almost 6 years ago

@Sanerd17: Looks very cool. This is exactly the level of mapping detail I'd learned to appreciate approx 30 mins after arriving to the hotel when I'm feeling a bit peckish and start wondering where we'd go for dinner. Excellent for travelling by foot :)

Remapping Kristiansand almost 6 years ago

@Skippern: Yeah. The oh-so-pretty "Budget Hotel", right next to the train station. It's been there for at least 10+ years so they must make some kind of profit. There are a number of alternatives, although I've never been to any of them as I'm a Kristiansand resident.

But yes, I'll definitely place emphasis on hotels, hostels and guest houses. We normally made use of some kind of site like for finding and booking the rooms ahead of travelling to the next town to make sure we found good deals. After that we would have to eyeball the Google map on the site and manually find the same spot on the GPS map since the hotel name would not be searchable in the GPS app. Adding the hotel names to the right coordinates would at least make finding them a little bit easier.

I can imagine lots of people will just head to the next town and then locate any nearby hostel.