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Dealing with incorrect tags in Africa over 2 years ago

Highways are just the highest step in road clasification. That tag shouldn't describe physical properties of a road, that's the job for specialized tags.

Starting with OSM Mapping: Mapping my hometown, Jorhat over 2 years ago

Great job! Keep it up, and create some competition with the surrounding towns.

Is there a rule about languages in India? It would be great if you used the name:as and name:en tags. There are probably people who know only Assamese, and if you use name:en, applications know what label to show the tourists.

Android OSM apps about 4 years ago

OsmAnd for recording gps, audio and photos and looking at offline maps, Vespucci for OSM editing. Some like OSMtracker for recording gps, audio, photos as well as various features from a list of buttons. For addresses there is Keypad-Mapper.

My first entry. almost 5 years ago

And before realignmenting roads, know that Bing background might be misaligned. In Potlatch click GPS, and then align the background to GPS traces made by other people. Hold space and drag background.

Back to mapping thanks to Vespucci about 5 years ago

Best field editor ever. There's so much stuff I would have never mapped without it. Do they have a "donate" button somewhere?