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Posted by JanetChapman on 18 January 2017 in English (English)

I became involved in HOT because as a volunteer visiting projects in rural Tanzania I became aware of the lack of maps of this area which greatly hampers navigation and development. With Egle, who I met at Mozfest, I set up a volunteer crowdmapping project to seek to address this called Crowd2Map Tanzania. This recruits volunteer mappers to map rural Tanzania, starting with the area in Serengeti where girls are at risk of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). There are details of this project here

I became aware of and was greatly helped and guided by many people at HOT and Missing Maps. I regularly attend Missing Maps events in London and have spoken about HOT at SOTM, Mozfest and talks for Britain Tanzania Society, and contributed to the fundraising video.

HOT is an amazing initiative that seeks to put the worlds’ most vulnerable people on the map, and I want to support it in any way I can. I became a HOT voting member in 2017 and I help promote HOT and OSM wherever I can, and ensure it is as inclusive as possible, particularly in less well represented areas such as Tanzania. I see HOT’s greatest challenge as access to funding so that it can support mapping initiatives in areas such as rural Africa and so telling stories about the difference HOT makes, such as in Serengeti, shown by this 2 minute video. is extremely helpful.

Comment from Ernest Ruzindana on 20 November 2017 at 19:58

You are Kind women, Thank you for your big commitment and i hope this is inspiring me to expand my mindset so that i can do more. keep your Kind commitment up and I hope I am going to learn more from you!

Best Regard

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