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First mappings... about 5 years ago

Hi aseerel4c26,

No problem at all. Thanks for the comment and the information.

Thanks again for your help and support. ;-)



Hallo aseerel4c26,

Überhaupt kein Problem. Danke für den Kommentar und die Informationen.

Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und Unterstützung. ;-)



First mappings... about 5 years ago

Hi aseerel4c26 and thanks for the comment.

What I was thinking was not so much bugs with the software, more problems where the mapping is wrong, leading to routing "errors", so say, where you have a "no left turn" which isn't on OpenStreetMap, and which someone could report who finds it, but can't or won't amend it themselves.

I've since found the "add a note" section already built-in to OpenStreetMap which probably covers what I was thinking anyway. ;-)

Thanks again.

Forgetting the obvious... about 5 years ago

Thanks RetiredInNH,

Yes, funny thing the human brain.... wonder if we'd be better off without one.




What cuisine would you say a "Harvester" [UK] is? about 5 years ago

Hi both,

Thanks for that.

Yes, although I'm very much a newbie with OpenSteetMap, I was very conscious of just "adding" my own new tags as Ed first suggested, and have to say I'm with Rovastar on the feeling that it's bad to create new types to fit one place...but that said, I can understand that every category has to start somewhere after all.

I'd looked at the other Harvesters myself (forgot to mention that, sorry), so I reckon I'll leave it as "steak_house" for now.

Thanks again to you both for the feedback.


First mappings... about 5 years ago

Cheers Robert, thanks for that.

Yeah, I hate to see what I consider to be "good" stuff just chucked away, regardless of it still working just fine. Some people have more money than sense!


First mappings... about 5 years ago

Hi Aseerel4c36, and thanks for that.

Yes, I think that particular company does monthly map updates to it's software, pulled from OSM, so hopefully the changes will filter through in a few months or so.

I did wonder if there was a forum that people post to who have had routing issues using software that uses OSM data but then can't or won't amend the problem themselves to prevent it happening again?

I thought it would be somewhere I and others could visit and make the changes as needed.

I expect it's already out there somewhere and I just need to track it down.

Thanks again for the feedback and post. ;-)