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ref = FS xx

highway = unclassified

  • maintained as a through road connecting other roads OR lenghty and provides access to a significant point of interest
  • generally maintained to a level usable by a standard passenger car without AWD/4WD (smoothness = bad, or better)
  • paved or unpaved
  • Example: Cooper Creek Road (FS 33) and Blue Ridge Road (FS 42), in Georgia

highway = track

  • not a through road
  • unpaved
  • generally unmaintained, AWD/4WD is recommended or necessary (smoothness = very_bad, or worse)

highway = service

  • not a through road
  • paved or unpaved
  • short or medium length
  • provides access to a point of interest

POI standardization: Tractor Supply Co.

Posted by Jack the Ripper on 2 February 2017 in English (English). Last updated on 7 March 2017.

I think it would be useful to people who simply use OSM data to have standardized, common values for POIs, in particular chain stores. I’ve come across lots of chains where individual stores have wildly varying tags (e.g., variations on the name, incomplete “shop” tags, etc.).

The purpose behind this note is to standardize the tags I will apply to Tractor Supply Co.

My standardized TSC tags:

  • addr:city={city name}
  • addr:housenumber={street number}
  • addr:postcode={zip code}
  • addr:state={state}
  • addr:street={road}
  • alt_name=Tractor Supply
  • building=retail (usually)
  • building:levels={as appropriate}
  • contact:phone=+1 {phone number}
  • contact:website=
  • image= {if available}
  • name=Tractor Supply Co.
  • official_name=Tractor Supply Company
  • opening_hours=Mo-Sa 08:00-20:00; Su 09:00-19:00 {as appropriate}
  • phone=+1 {phone number}
  • ref={store number}
  • ~~shop=farm_supply; pet~~ replaced by next line due to discussion
  • shop=country_store
  • short_name=TSC
  • website=

I’ve started seeing winery-operated “tasting rooms” popping up along highways, so I figured it made sense to some up with some sort of standardized tags to use on them. After some feedback from the talk-us list, I’ve settled on this tagging scheme for now.

In addition to the standard stuff (address, contact info, etc.):

For the winery itself:

  • landuse=vineyard
  • craft=winery
  • tourism=winery

For the tasting room, whether or not it is on the winery property:

  • amenity=cafe (if it also provides food service)
  • bar=yes
  • beer=no
  • liquor=no
  • drink:beer=no
  • drink:liquor=no
  • drink:wine=yes
  • tourism=attraction
  • wine=yes
  • wine_tasting=yes