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Enriching the map of Peru with health centers data over 1 year ago

Lindo Trabajo, infelizmente en #Bolivia la data Open provista por el Ministerio de Salud es inservible pues por razones desconocidas esta totalmente erronea su georeferenciacion.

Felicitaciones en todo caso por un trabajo bien hecho

Bike to capture 360 photos for Mapillary over 2 years ago

I tryed the same with a cellphone and a Virb Ultra 30, in a Buggy at the highlands of Bolivia and was very dissapointing. The vibration makes dozens of pictures useless plus the fact that the GeoTagging either in cellphones and the Virb is not good at all, Perhaps a degradation in the GPS signal… But Nice Rig. Greetings from Bolivia

Worlds largest city that cannot be reached by road about 5 years ago

In the middle of nowhere, just by boat or plane. Big portions of the north of Bolivia are similar in the rain season, no access possible by road, just plane or boat.

Nice Cach