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closed 3390434

Kapelica svetog Nikole Tavelića

closed 2916578

Ulica sv. Venancija

closed 2866340 kreso264

Correct is Klečića ulica, and not Klačića.

closed 2659750


closed 2664445

Zaselak Brnići

closed 87219

skola Ivan goran kovacic

closed 2432497

This caffe is called "Jazzy bell now"

closed 136467

Mediteran - Aluplast

closed 2400251 Pan Perníček user reports: Beginning of river Vrbas is here.

closed 2366717

This is Spomenik vukovarskim braniteljima na Kupreškom polju (Monument to defenders (veterans) from Vukovar on Kupreško polje)

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