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Entering buildings REALLY quickly in JOSM, and how to make them ready for streetcomplete housenumber tagging about 1 month ago

The problem is, most of the extrusions are at the back of the building, and therefore provide no advantage whatsoever when surveying. On top of this, I don’t think the extrusions are the best way of telling which building corresponds to which housenumber. What I do (as I have done some streetcomplete housenumber surveys), is look to see the where a building ends and the next one starts. For example, when surveying semi-detached houses, I see which part of the semi-detached house I am trying to add the housenumber of (e.g. is it the south side of the semi-detached house, or north side), and compare it to the map. This way, unless I am off by two buildings, I can enter the housenumber into the correct building on the map.

The terraced rows in your example is accessible from the extruded side, in which cases it is far easier to count the extrusions than it is to count the houses. In many parts of the country they also do silly things like plant trees or park vans that make it difficult to look back and count front doors.

Even when the extensions are on the back the fronts will often show as mirror images of each other and so it can be useful to see what “hand” you’re faced with for a particular query.

Semi-detached houses are just as easy to lose count on, especially if they are copy-pasted. A random extension or garage is sometimes the only thing I’ve had to re-orient myself when in the midst of a particularly unimaginative development.

Entering buildings REALLY quickly in JOSM, and how to make them ready for streetcomplete housenumber tagging about 1 month ago

I disagree with the statement that it is unnecessary to draw in proper building outlines to get street numbers. When using StreetComplete or similar it is very easy to lose count of the building, especially if the GPS fix is a bit iffy and you’re doing both sides of the street.

At this point it becomes very useful to have the actual building shapes as that can let you find key points to reorient yourself based on the shapes of the buildings in front of you.

Sigh 2 months ago

At least if it’s actual HOT they’ll have a proper tasking manager so you only really have to deal with one layer of “marginal improvement”.

Other volunteer groups do far worse on occasion. I’ve seen four or five outlines of the same building in some cases.

Potlatch 2 relation shortcuts over 1 year ago

Are there any plans for Potlatch and Potlatch 2 to survive the end of Flash next year? I think browser support will be ending too?