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Augmented Editor – OSM-Daten vor Ort und in Echtzeit bearbeiten 3 months ago

April, April?

Openstreetmap? More like Openwoodmap on low zoom levels over 3 years ago

@Andy Allan, @Warin61, @Pan, @Alan Trick: Actually I like green cities and actually I don't live in Moscow but Hamburg. But does liking green cities imply also liking green camouflaged maps? Since the solution would be a simple one: Just reduce the color saturation for those landuse tags, at least in lower zoom levels. Has been proposed many times in but nothing actually happens.

The Ultimate Guide To Crazy Mass over 3 years ago


... over 3 years ago

Da kann man nur hoffen, dass der Kelch der wikipedianischen Zustände an OSM vorbeigeht. Edit-Wars scheint es ja bereits zu geben (Fahrradwege in Bremen wie in der letzten Wochennotiz des OSMBlogs beschrieben: ), was Du hier beschreibst, hört sich verdächtig nach einem Pendant der "Löschadmins" bei Wikipedia an. Zu welchem Gott der Mapper muss ich beten, damit derartiges OSM nicht zustößt?

Who drew this street or: A rant about the "history" feature of OSM over 3 years ago

Minh Nyuyen, thanks for the hint, this really is a very well hidden feature — you just have to know it ;)

Well, is mainly utopia what one realizes when reading the wikipedia article you linked. I think it should be removed.

But for the history feature, I never the less think it should be fixed. Maybe just adding a subselect would help here:

  1. select the changesets that have the selected area inside them (this is how it is done now)
  2. now select those changesets that have actual changes in the selected area from those selected in step 1

this pseudo code should be sufficient. Now we need somebody who actually fixes this.

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