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Posted by Humberto_Yances on 15 September 2011 in English (English). Last updated on 25 September 2011.

After the great joy for announce to be part of scholarships for SOTM 2011, I start the –common know– difficult process to get my visa approved from Colombia. First I receive “hard” training for some of my clients that count with a successful experience, I just learn like an internal mantra: “first my finance; second who I am and; third what I'll do in the states”, with this lessons I just ran to caught all documentation needed with a perfectly match in order of the words expressed in my DS-160 form (following the instructions that appear in a Cosmo review...). So then (taking encourage) I decided to call to US Embassy for an appointment on august 2. My surprise was that they doesn't have schedule space until 9 of September!!! Sir! (I say) But the must important conference around the globe start for the same date, I was voted like number one around the world (Mikael an Sam usually put my email first in the message, I guess that mean number one), I've a letter of invitation of OSM's US National Chapter, I don't know if you can get my appointment and visa for the same day... So the consular officer respond: “let me see if we can find a urgency appointment for you” (beleive me, that was the more anxious 20 minutes of my live with the paradox of a Bach sonata like back-tone). When he come back says “Ok sir, wich day do you prefer: 4, 5 or 7 august” (have to repeat it three times until I get realized), then tells that my time have ending and I need to buy another PIN (what???).

The appointment was really surprised too, only two questions... (I've to pinch my self), so everything gets already for my journey to Denver. Write down a message to the colombian national OSM community with the following goals:

1. Aerial imagery sources;
2. Articulation between institutions;
3. Community strenght;
4. Aplications and uses;
5. State of Colombia map.

Ideas come in the list and with a vision of regional projects start with the following table

I'll continue with story about arriving and participating at Denver (to be continued...)

Location: Nariño, Cartagena, Dique, Bolívar, Caribe, 3060, Colombia

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