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Posted by Hopeful Bafamodei on 18 June 2022 in English (English).

My name is Hopeful Bafamodei, a member of Unique Mappers NGO Nigeria. I joined Unique Mappers Nigeria in the year 2021 through our national coordinator Victor Sunday and have been active as a youth mapper in engaging in mapping programes. I partook in April citizen science land pollution lookout where i headed a team of 10 in the sprint in locating and mapping out oil polluted area in Niger Delta were we were all given certificate for participation. I have introduced a lot of people and signed them up in Open Street Map. On 4th may 2022, I attended unique mappers network monthly mapathon, map my village for social good, where i was taught as a beginner mapper on how to map. I was also coached by our national coordinator Victor Sunday on how to organize mapping projects in my local community. i am a Team Lead Unique Mappers, Bayelsa State chapter and we are currently planning on hosting a state wide mapathon in Bayelsa state Nigeria. on the 15th of June 2022 i featured in a volunteer mappers orientation organized by Unique Mappers Team Port Harcourt Nigeria (youth mappers chapter), where i anchored a topic on mapping to respond to female genital mutilation, domestic violence and gender issues. i also attended June mapathon hosted by open mapping hub eastern and southern Africa on the 16th of June 2022. in this webinar i learnt some key things, one of it is to identify, recognize, nurture and collaborate with key institutions, groups, and individuals working in OSM. i also learnt how to promote effective use of OSM data and connect it to everyday lives of people: bring data, technology and people together.