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Raster gpstrace tiles as OsmAnd overlays

Posted by HolgerJeromin on 13 January 2017 in English (English)

OSM has (since long time) raster tiles of all uploaded GPS traces.

Since a few days they are available as a overlay (like data overlay) on the mainpage. Hurray.

This reminded me of using the overlay of mapillary traces for OsmAnd. The same is possible with the GPS traces!

The tileset addresses are:

https://gps-{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png and http://gps-{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png

In OsmAnd you can use (needs the online tile plugin active){0}/{1}/{2}.png

Step-by-step instructions are shown in Peters blog.

So now you can toggle the gps and mapillary traces in osmand whatever you are interested right now.