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Roe Highway/Nicholson Road Intersection about 6 years ago

It’s definitely much cleaner than it was. Don’t know about the bike lanes too much, I’ve only been through there a few times. I’ll have a look when I’m back that way. I guess the approach I was taking to the design of the intersection was to attempt to make it correct not only from how it appears in the real world as much as possible but to also make it appear correct to GPSNav software. Bearing that in mind, the traffic lights are not quite right as navigation software will see them as two separate intersections. E.g. if you going westbound Roe and wanted to turn north on to Nicholson, the GPSNav would think you have to stop at the lights, then go 20m, then turn right at the next set of lights. That is why I pulled the lights back from where the roads intersect. The off ramp missing - do you mean the one going westbound on the Roe turning on to Nicholson going southbound? If so, that was missing because there is no direct lane - you have to stop at the lights to turn left. As to the naming of the offramps, is that a convention that they are not named in Australia or just something that people don’t bother doing? I only ask because of the affect on GPSNav. It means when I’m travelling on the Roe and my device is telling me which turnoff to take, it tells me to take “unnamed road” in one km, rather than “Nicholson Road Exit”. Not so much a problem when the exits are km’s apart but where there is a junction of offramps it is way too easy to take the wrong one.

Roe Highway/Nicholson Road Intersection about 6 years ago

I see what you’re saying there. I went back and made the changes you suggested (I think - does it look better?). It was my first attempt at editing and I’ve been learning more about best practices as I’m going. My main issue was how to best reflect traffic lights at a dual carriage way. The problem I was facing was how to make it look correct for someone looking at the map, but also correct for routing software. The problem as you are probably aware is that there appears to be two intersections at each end of the bridge. So if you were travelling up the Roe, got off at Nicholson, then turned to go across the bridge you would appear to have to go through two intersections and two sets of lights. To fix this, I pulled the traffic lights for traffic on Nicholson Road back from the intersection coming on to the bridge in both directions. That way, no matter where you are coming from and going to, you will now only see one set of lights as per the real world. It still doesn’t solve the problem of the little bit of road in between the intersections at both ends of the bridge though. Really they are not separate at all - they are part of Nicholson Road. Still, hopefully it fixes the routing error I received on my GPS Nav software.